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Tall Crooked Towers

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1 Tall Crooked Towers on Wed Nov 26, 2014 5:29 am


At the top most floor of a tall crooked tower the mornings first hints of orange light was shining through a round stained window. A beam of light had perfect aim, falling across the eyes of a woman who lay peaceful and comfortable in a warm feather bed.

The hyd'allkerii rolled over and pulled a fluffy down blanket over her face. She snuggled into her overly plush bed and let out a soft happy moan. By the time the orange sky was shining bright the woman finally left her caccoon of sleepy comfort and lifted her self out of bed. Stretching, her fingertips brushed the ceiling. She yawned and scratched her rib cage with long polished green nails.

A black bird was sitting on the window sill. He patiently waited and watched. The sleepy Hyd' alkerii danced across the room and flicked the latch. She swung the window open and the raven promptly flew out it. She leaned out the window after her familiar and took a deep breath of the fresh air.

She looked out at a forest of towers. Some taller, some shorter then the one she hung out of. All crooked. Jutting out at odd angles and turning sharply in different directions. One extra tall tower even twisted a full loop, it's roof still reaching for the swirling sky above. Below the crooked towers tiny people were bustling around busy cobble stone streets.

Standing in front of the window Evangeline let her pajamas fall to the floor. Stepping out of them she caught the silky material on a long toe and kicked, flinging the comfortable sleeping dress through the air. It hit it's mark even though she couldn't see Her bed. She sat at a ancient looking vanity, in front of a useless mirror. She brushed her long white hair for a long time before tiring it up in a tight bun.

The raven sored through the window and flawlessly came to rest on a tiny perch that sat on the vanity. He slurped a worm up in his beak and shrieked a content shriek. The Alkerii reached out with her mind, brushing against the birds consciousness and immediately the ravens vision took over her darkness. She saw herself through his eyes Sitting naked at her vanity.

Through her companions eyes she readied herself for the day. she put make up on her face. She rubbed various lotions and oils into various body parts and she picked out a dress for the day. They shared thoughts, casually chatting about the days events.

She picked an orange dress with oranate green embroidery all down the front. It had fantastic sharp corner decorations and fang shaped windows in the tight cloth that showed off the blue skin of her hips and thighs. A gold belt with a chain that hung down the front matched the gold chains that hung of both pointy sleeves. She spent too many minutes adjusting and readjusting every intricate detail of the dress. When she was satisfied with her appearance she uttered a quick spell that ensured not a single hair would fall out of place.

The last thing she put on was a long heavy chain made of many different materials. The beads were every size and shape. Many looked very old. She wrapped the gaudy necklace around her long thin neck three times letting the uneven beads fall in a heap over her chest.

The ravedN flew to Evangeline's shoulder and looked at himself in the mirror, picking at a lose feather under his wing with his beak. She smiled and winked a blind eye at the bird.

Leaving her sleeping quarters she locked the door, murmuering a other quiet spell. She descended the stairs, spiraling down, winding, stair case after stair case. Passing door after door after door of more apartments.

Finally she reached the ground floor of her tower and broke into the busy streets that wound around the bases of dozens of towers. Most of the towers were wehre the magical going ons of Vastralla were handled and learned and taught and discovered.

Evangeline wound her way up the street, her spike heeled boots clicking against the cobble stone. Even though she was short for an alkerii she towered above most of the people she passed and she kept her chin up as to avoid them completely. Arriving at another tower The brick wall rose up and slanted out a over her head, shading her as she made her way inside.

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