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Jinx's Backstory

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1 Jinx's Backstory on Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:01 am


Her mother died in chils birth along with two kittens that would have been her identicle sisters. Her father raised her but became a raging alcoholic pretty soon after his wifes death. He abused jynx and spent all his money in taverns leaving her notging to buy food with. So she started to beg on the street. then quickly learned busking worked better then begging. Ahe made enough money to eat and even more. And she bought her first performing costume. She got better at performing as she grew up but her father obly got worse. So ahe ran away as a young teenager. she sprinted away in the night and never looked back. She heard stories about Rastanar and headed south. She performed in small taverns working her way up over the years. She learned to fight. To keep her self safe. and to never let a man hurt her again. She performed and increasingly prostegious events untill the queen watched her perform at a dinner. She was very pregnant and wanted to get her soon to born son a jester as a present. Jynx was summoned to the castle. She performed timidly for the king and queen then stood before then and recounted her life story in detail for hours at the kings request. Learning she could not only entertain but fight the king was thrilled and hired her immediatly. And she moved into the castle and the baby prince loved watching her dance and juggle. He grew up with her. She played with him and cared for him and protected him. And when he was almost eleven and hormones were flooding his body. His mother caught him looking at Jynx the way he should only have wanted to look at proper human princesses. For his birthday his parents for him an animal trainer whoa pride was a great big beige bear. That night the queen went to jynxs room and told her to leave the castle. She was fired. She couldnt say good bye to the prince she couldnt take anything that was property of the kingdom, which was everything she owned and ahe couls never return to the castle. She left. She ran. Until she was out side the city gates. Then she fell to her knees in the dirt and sobbed and puked and passed out. A family of gnomes fpu d her amd brought her home. They gave her a dribk and put her to bed. She woke up and had another drink. Over the next two montha she made her way from bar to bar. slowly makong her way north not spendong a skngle say sober untill she ran into the worst woman in the world.

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