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Maester Evangeline of Vastralla

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1 Maester Evangeline of Vastralla on Sun Dec 16, 2012 4:15 am


Name: Maester Evangeline of Vastralla

Race: Hyd'Alkerii

Sex: female

Age: 432

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 265lbs

Appearance: She has blue skin, and Platinum white hair that falls perfectly straight, just below her shoulders, and is often tied back in a tight knot. She has scrolling lines of black script tattooed across various parts of her body, some are Spells, some are nothing more then poems. She favors orange robes, with incredible detail embroidered on them. Her robs or dresses often have large plums of feather around the neck line. Her eyes are a brilliant purple with a ring of teal around the outside. She is short for a Hyd'Alkerii, and always wears at least 4 inch heeled boots, in various styles. Her wardrobe is huge, she often has couture dresses and robes sewn for her. Her body is healthy, with little to no fat, but little muscle either. Her waist is abnormally small due to a love of corsets tied too tightly, coupled with her softly curving hips and B cup breasts, she has an extreme hour glass shape. A thin water fall cascade from her lower back, over her round bottom, ending in a tip of white sea foam. Her tail of flowing water trail behind her as she walks, and floods to a puddle around her feel when she is standing still. Though she is middle aged, Her skin is flawless and young. She wears make up, and paints her nails to match her cloths. She always wears a long, and fairly heavy chain around her neck, each link forged from a different material.

Personality: Evangeline is deliberate, practiced, purposeful. She has an incredible amount of patients. She is soft spoken, but can be very stern. She carries herself with pride, nearly always keeping her chin tilted up. She has a love for people, and life in general. She considers every one to be equal, and will treat nobles, and beggars with the same respect, as long as they treat her with the amount of respect she feels she deserves, which is a lot. While she can be gentle, and helpful to those in need, and friendly and warm, to those she's close to. She is Strict and serious with her students. Her interests in magic are vast, She is also very interested in fashion. . Any attention she isn't devoting to work, she devotes to her appearance. She as active social life, attending many parties, and keeping many friends.

Element: Water, Arcane, Life

Attributes: She is learned in dozens of subjects of study, and knows even more magic. She has received many Maesters Chain Links.

Flaws: She is rather vein, despite thinking all life forms are equal she can be arrogant and egotistical, especially when it comes to her appearance. She has little to no sense of humor. Blind.

Abilities: Although she is blind, She has the ability to see through the eyes of her Oriole companion constantly. This bird is nearly 200 years old, and has spent his entire life with Evangeline, His intelligence has grown far beyond that of an average bird, and he has learned to speak. He follows Evangeline everywhere, acting as her eyes, He even sleeps when she sleeps.

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