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1 and Marshall on Sat Dec 15, 2012 10:06 pm


Soft green stretched as far as his eyes could see, which wasn't far at all. A wall of tall grass blocked his vision every where he looked. Bent over with grass blocking his vision, and his eyes so close to the ground, Paul Marshall often caught sight of the insects scurrying through the field around him. Today he took a particular interest in a beetle. He'd been trailing the bug for nearly an hour.  It's head was shiny black, the shell was thick strips from side to side, yellow, black, red, blue. Paul's beak was only inches from the rather large beetle, but the bug didn't seem to be bothered. Paul didn't mind walking bent over in the sun for hours, insects often lead him to interesting things. And today he was in luck.

The suns hung low in the sky, The skin on his back glistened with sweat, luckily for him, his head was covered in brown feathers that offered sufficient protection from the suns. He'd found nothing interesting today and was feeling a bit down, when the beetle stopped to inspect something in the dirt. The faintest glint of gold could be seen poking through the soil. Paul's eyes lit up and he let out an excited chirp. He very gently scooted his beetle friend out of the way. His fingers were short, but they moved with delicate precision. Brushing the dirt away, he uncovered a pocket watch. It was closed, and when he pulled it open, the little golden hands ticked around. He knew it was a watch, and he knew it was to tell the time of day. But he couldn't understand why someone would need such a device.

The avorial chuckled to himself "Ah silly gnome, scurrying through too fast, dropped his watch. Well, all the better for me!" His voice was oddly high pitched, compared to his appearance.

Paul glanced around for the beetle, but it had scurried off between blades of grass. He brushed a few last specs of dirt of the gold watch, and let it dangle from its gold chain. After inspection, Paul decided while pretty, the trinket was useless, and dropped it into his 'to sell' pouch, that hanged from his belt. His fingers lingered on the jeweled belt around his waist, playing over the gem faces.

When he straightened his back, it popped and cracked. He walked through the wide open field for a few minutes, just to stretch out his muscles. The plain stretched out for miles, gentle rolling hills, covered in bright green grasses, A few trees grew in small patches. Birds could be heard, but no other people. Paul Marshal was happy here.

Paul broke into a run, And spread his wings, He jumped and caught the air. Soaring up, his feet dangled at an angle behind him. He evened out about 60 feet above the ground, and flew towards a small town, he knew sat nestled between three hills just a few miles east.

By the time he arrived the suns had sank below the horizon. He landed lightly on his feet right outside the city gates, and strolled inside his fingers again finding their way to his belt. As he walked through the streets he sung, and it was no quiet tune. He belted out the song, drawing out the notes in his annoying high pitched voice, with a pleased glint in his eyes.

"The pipes, the pipes are calling.

From glen to glen and down the mountain side.

The summer's gone, and all the flowers dying.

'Tis you, 'tis you must go, and I must bide."

Paul loved to sing, and he did not care that the other people walking down the street were staring at him. He walked with his head held high, and screeched out his song with all his heart.

He made his way to a small shop "Bengals Bangles" read a dilapidated sign hanging above the dented and scratched wooden door. He Pushed his way inside just as he finished trilling the end of his song. The door jingled a loud greeting as he entered.

A Shir'vhan sat behind the counter, She was tall, The tallest Shir'vhan Paul Marshall had ever met at least. Her fur was black and orange strips. She wore a loose flowing dress, with a tight under the bust corset. Her chest was rather large, but wasn't spilling out of her dress. She only smiled with half her mouth, an attempt at good customer service.

"Oh, hello Paul." She waved one of her massive paws at him. "Did you find anything interesting today?"

"Good Evening Rory" He chirped back as he did nearly everyday. He spent a lot of him in the Tigress's shop selling the various knick-knacks he scavenged. "Just a watch. Some gnome must have no idea whether he should be awake or asleep. Why doesn't he just look at the sun hm?"

The shopkeeper gave a shrug. "At least it is made of gold." She reassured him as he placed the pocket watch on the counter. She tapped a sharp claw against it, and flipped it open. "I'll give you a few Silver for it." She offered.

Paul just raised a feathered eyebrow. "Are you kidding? You said it was made of gold! Shouldn't it be worth gold?"

Lorelai sighed. "You are trying to run me out of my shop!" She jested, and sighed again. "Let me go weigh it." She lifted herself from the stool she was sitting on behind the counter, which seemed to take a lot of effort, and she lazily disappeared behind the faded red curtain that separated the back office from the main shop room.

Paul leaned against the counter, and peered at the shop, waiting for the Shir'vhan to weigh the watch, which he knew from experience would take a few minutes. The store was small, shelves lined the walls, and a round table stood in the middle, the counter was a glass case, full of jewelry. the shelves were lined with an assortment of trinkets and ornaments. He recognized a good amount of them, having found them himself. Nothing was organized, and there was a rather thick layer of dust covering some of the things that apparently no one wanted to buy.

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