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Chorg and Perodite

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1 Chorg and Perodite on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:41 am


Name: Chorg Son of Krutt

Race: Orakin
Sex: Male

Age: 26

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 289

Appearance: Chorg is an Orakin of average high, he is not skinny, nor fat, His upper body is rather muscular due to his profession. His cloths are not flashy, loose fitting pants and often no shirt while he is working. He does not stand out in a crowd and is generally all around unmemorable. His skin is a soft brown with darker brown hair covering much of it. Though he has no hair on his head, or face, not even eyebrows. His face has many lines and scars on it, obtained from years of concentration and hard work. He has a chunk missing from his left ear, Not obtained from a fight, but from a childhood friend taking a bite out of it because Chord thought it would make him look tougher, and impress his father, Krutt. The tusks he would have growing up from his lower jaw, he files down so they only stick up about an inch and a half, and ar not sharp in the least.

Personality: Chorg is very quiet, He tries to keep to himself, in his workshop, Only interacting with Customers when he needs to. He likes to lead a simple life, and often tries to stay away from excitement. He is content hammering metal all day, and just wants to stay out of trouble.

Element: Water
History: He never married, or had any children. His Moth died in childbirth and he was raised by the blacksmith Krutt, in Orjak. Even in his youth, he kept to himself, prefer to study in his father workshop, then go out and get into trouble on the crowded streets of the City. When Chorg was 14 years old, Krutt was killed in a wrestling match with one of his friends. Chorg left the city and traveled south, he stumbled across Caratuck in the Black Desert, and set up shop as a Blacksmith where he has worked happily forging mostly mining equipment.

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2 Re: Chorg and Perodite on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:41 am


Name: Perodite

Race: Living Statue (Gem; Peridot)
Sex: “Female”

Age: 1

Height: 5’2”


Appearance: She is incredibly Beautiful, a living piece of art. Crafted entirely out of shinning green peridot, she looks exactly like a thin human female, with small breast, and not overly wide hips. Her eyes are black obsidian set in recessed sockets. Though she has breasts, and feminine curves she is a eunuch. She has no hair, but on the back of her skull is a large, circular intricate carving, though she is unsure of what it means.
Personality: She is very naive and innocent, often acting like a child. She is also Very Curious, and loves exploring new and exciting things. As she was just created she is unsure how many things in the world work and seeks guidance and help with even ordinary tasks. She is very fond of the blacksmith Chorg.
Element: Earth

History: After being created, Desmond buried her in the walls of a Peridot mine. Late one night the Blacksmith Chorg was walking through a newly dug mine, to appraise a metal vein that had been found earlier in the day. He noticed one of the gems protruding from the wall was wiggling slightly. Chorg spent the rent of the night, very carefully excavating a Living Statue. Unsure of what to do with her, the Orakin took the girl home, and takes care of her.

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