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Strom Hibernious Patchwork Chimera Bighead The Collector

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Name: Strom Hibernious Patchwork Chimera Bighead The Collector

Race: Human

Sex: male

Age: ???

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 479

Appearance: No one knows what Strom actually looks like, he uses illusion magic to mask his grotesque appearance. To all that look at him, he appears to be a Jovial fat man, with two chins, and bushy mustache, to match his full head of hair, he wares a fine tailored suit with a wide tie, and shiny shoes. With out the magic Mr. Head is a true horror to gaze upon. His face and body are mutated past the point of being able to recognize this creature as human. Arms, and tentacles sprout out at weird angles from his torso. The legs he walks on are not the legs he was born with. His eyes don't match, One is small and beady, the other is the eye he was born with, so dark a blue it looks almost black. That eye is the only feature on his face that has always been his. even patches of skin look like they belong to other creatures.

Personality: Strom comes off as overly friendly, pompous, self involved, vein. He always has a smile on his face, and a deep, happy voice. He Has money, and loves to flash it around. He especially loves into invest in innovative men, if it means he may have power over them when they gain power. Despite being somewhat of a slime ball, Strom is extraordinarily likeable, He has a way of saying things, that keep people hanging on his every word. He enjoys fine wine, good food, and the company of women, Though he also likes degrading those women, and sometimes pushing them around. He will speak down to any woman in front of him, and will order her around, believe they are the lesser sex. He gets along famously with men though. He is a real Mans man, His favorite passtime is to sit around with a group of men, smoking cigars, sipping brandy, and making lewd jokes.

Element: Water, Chaos

Flaws: Is a horrible grotesque monster. misogynist.

Abilities: Strom was a surgeon during his younger ears, through a combination of medical training, and magic, he has the ability to craft body parts from other creatures onto him self. He gains function of the body parts, and sometimes absorbs the original owners abilities. Illusion Magic.

History: Strom born a normal boy, and lived a normal life, despite being some what vain. As a young man he left home to join the military, a natural healer, he Quickly raised through the ranks to be a widely respected surgeon. A life long friend of his, and fellow Doctor, was also the vain sort of person, and the two where forever trying to best one another. As they got older, and their looks faded, their competition turned to one for Power, and most importantly, for ever lasting life. Strom took the challenge to a new level, as his friend grew old and eventually passed away, a very powerful, and successful doctor and cleric, Strom learned to adapt his body, He stole body parts from animals, from other people, from great magical beasts, and he grafted them onto himself, absorbing their power, and their life.

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