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Name: Lux

Race: Equillre
Sex: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 180

Appearance: Lux is a Zebra Equillre, her body is covered in black and white stripes. Her hair matches her strips perfectly, running down the center of her head, her natural Mohawk is always sticking straight up, around 4 or 5 inches. When she is working she wears a green apron and chefs hat. She usually dresses in skirts that fall to just above her knees, tight, brightly colored shirts, over her D cup breasts, and a black leather jacket during the colder months. Her ears, nose, and tongue are pierced and she has an elaborate brand in the fur on her chest. She favors mismatched, neon colors, and too many accessories.
Personality: Lux prefers casual situations and relationships. She is uncomfortable with the rules of acting appropriate for her gender. She would rather hang around a tavern, smoking, drinking, and listening to music, then attend fancy dinner parties. She is incredibly sweet to customers, and is sweet to the people she is fond of, but she feels little remorse or empathy for strangers, and even less for those who she fell have wronged her.
Element: Fire

Attributes: She has a natural talent with poisons, and is learning to be nearly as adept with explosives.

Flaws: Slightly Psychopathic, small drug problem. Hates Authority.

Abilities: Baking, cooking, Despite Always skipping out on her etiquette classes, Lux knows how to handle herself in Formal situations, She's also rather gifted at needlepoint, but would rather not do it.

History: Lux's family made their way from the planes of Zaladria to Rastanar two generations before she was born. They were sent by the Elder council of Shamans as ambassadors of the Equillre to the human Capital. Lux was raised along side the nobles children, but she never fit in. She would skip her classes and sneak of to the kitchen of the Embassy her family lived in, to help the chef's cook. But baking was her favorite thing to do. As she grew into a teenager, the disdain she had for being pushed into 'proper' behavior got the best of her, and she discovered her talent for baking deadly deserts.
Lux wasn't an only child, she had a younger sister, who was perfect. Lux was always being told she needed to be more like her sister, who was a 'real lady'. One day when the girls were supposed to be getting ready for a visit to the Castle, Where they would have to sit silently for hours, in pretty dresses while their parents over saw the proceedings of the court. Lux of course wanted no part in this and stole off to the kitchens. When her sister, already dressed in a beautiful blue gown wandered into the kitchen to retrieve her. They swapped cruel words, and Lux poured the bowl of muffin batter she had been mixing over the head of her younger sister. Her parents had had enough, After Lux battered her sister, her parents fired all of the kitchen staff, replacing them with cold, Master Chefs who had no room in their kitchen for a child fooling around with ingredients. The new Cooks were instructed to let Lux no where near the Kitchens, and after gold exchanged hands, Lux could no longer get to an oven to do what she loved.
When the daily life of being an ambassadors daughter became too much for lux, She went to a friends Manor, and begged their chefs to let her use their ovens. Lux baked cupcakes, vanilla, with soft blue frosting, and a strawberry on top, her sisters favorite fruit. She brought the cupcakes to her sisters bedchamber that night, as a peace offering before the first good night of sleep she had gotten in months.
The next morning, all evidence of the cupcakes were gone, and Luxs baby sister lay lifeless in her bed. The healers and clerics had no answer for Luxs parents as to how their daughter died, They were so grief stricken over the death of their favored child 2 months passed before they noticed Lux left home.
She had crossed the bridge a few times, but usually Nobles children were discouraged from playing in the poor side. But this time when she crossed it, she never turned back. She wandered through the street for days, until she happened upon a bakery, nestled deep in the poor district. A small two story store and apartment, built between two much bigger buildings.
The shop was run by an old human, he looked to be well over 100 years old, and was wasting away by the minute. he was bent nearly double, giving him a very small appearance. He live above his shop alone, and spent his days making loafs of bread and pies, which he sold at very low prices. He took lux on as an apprentice and taught her how to bake properly, and how to run the shop. She learned that his children and his children's children had all died, he was the only one left of his blood line, and he was far too old to make new heirs. For years Lux helped the man run his business, and improved her own skills. He told her when he died, the shop would be hers, but after 4 years of waiting, the tiny, decrepit man looks no nearer death. Lux made him cupcakes too. She almost felt bad when her mentor gave his highest praises to her for how delicious, and beautiful her cupcake was. No questions were raised when she told a guard the man died in his sleep last night, and Lux took over the bakery.
While she was cleaning the old mans belonging out of the stores basement to make room for fresh ingredients, she found a trap door under a large crate, that had so much dust on it, that Lux thought it must have been over the door for at least 2 decades.
Through the door and down a ladder, Lux found herself in dark room. It would have been pitch black if not for the light shining through the trap door. There was a door and windows on the wall farthest from her, but all were boarded up. The room was empty save a thick layer of dust that had accumulated over the years.
She later discovered the Bakery was hiding a passage to the underground of Rastanar. She kept the shop open on the streets above, selling pastries and cakes and chocolates. She also cleaned up, and unboared the room below the basement, creating a second shop, to sell her more dangerous deserts. .

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