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Hylda Wildgrube

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1 Hylda Wildgrube on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:01 am


Name: Hylda Wildgrube

Race: Equillre

Sex: Female

Age: 26

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 412 lbs

Appearance: She always has a flower peeking over one of her small ears. Her face is large and round, and often quite fuzzy. Her body is very large, and very curvy, with wide hips, and fat thighs. In fact everything about her is fat, right up to her voluptuous chest, which often spilled out of the spring colored dresses she wore. Over the Flowing dresses she wear short sleeved sweaters of various colors, all far too small for her. She had a massive amount of thick wavy hair, that naturally grew a light grayish purple color. She kept her hair brushed well enough, but always preferred to have it falling down over her back and shoulders to having it pulled back neatly.

Personality: Flirty, Charismatic, Confident, Friendly, Giving. She always wants to feed the people around her. She has a knack for making other feel comfortable, not only by being a very impressive host, but merely with her presence. She would never turn a patron away at her inn, But she has no tolerance for pirates, and she is Not a hippo you want to anger. She loves pretty things, and Adores flowers. She keeps a garden indoors, guarded from the ocean breeze, where she grows many flowers from all over the world. This is where she picks the flowers that are always seen in her hair. She also grows flowers to eat. She is a vegetarian, and Flowers are her favorite food.

Element: Water

Attributes: She is a very impressive cook. and a formidable 'peoples person'

Flaws: She is rather over weight and out of shape


History: She lives and works in a small Inn, built on a small island. poking of out a sprawling sea of shallow water. The local watering hole was home to many avorials and other ocean dwelling folk. She ran the Restaurant, and the Hotel, Just as her mother had, And her mother before her.

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