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1 Dwarves... on Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:10 am


Race - Dwarfs

Favored element - Earth

Lifespan – 300-400 Years

Size – 3-4 ½ feet

Appearance – Short, Thick, S talky, Nearly as wide as they are tall, Dark tough skin, long beards and hair. Wear a lot of metal jewelry, Dark rich colored clothing with intricate designs.

Capital - Dal'grin

Habitat – Generally found living in Mountains and Underground. They carve buildings and furniture out of stone.

Personality – Dwarfs follow a lot of traditions, they fare ruled by a noble family usually represented by a king. They have defined family values, and most dwarfs follow in there parents foot steps. They are very strict when it comes to life style, traditions, and customs. But dwarfs are a very fun loving group of people. They love to sit around and drink all night long telling very embellished stories of there pasts. Males dwarfs judge seniority over each other largely based upon there beards. They work there entire life to grow the longest beards they can and consider it completely exceptionable to kill anyone that damages a dwarfs beard. Even some of the dwarven women can have smaller beards. Dwarfs can spend there entire lives underground and never see the sun. the don't like outsiders in there cities. Though they generally get along with every one when living in other societies. They are willing to trade with other races, which brings valuable metals and stones to the rest of the world.

Racial traits – Can see well in the dark, Have innate abilities to identify and work with stones and metals. They are Stalky making them hard to trip of knock down. They have a high Fortitude causing them to not get drunk or poisoned easily

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