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Caliathy Bonner

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1 Caliathy Bonner on Wed May 30, 2012 5:42 am

Name: Caliathy Bonner

Race: Avorial (Pink Cockatoo)

Age: 25

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 150

Appearance: Head os that of a bird, light pink feathers, a plumage on the top of her head of long feathers with red and orange on the bottom leading up to white tips, they lay flat except for when shes excited or very frightened. Beak is short and curves down to a point the top tip curves a little over the bottom beak. eyes are black except for a small circle of bright blue that is only noticable when frightened and it expands to almost her whole eye. her arms fully extended show off her large white and pink wings, white border and a light pink on the inside. She has a short tail bordered with white with some light pink in it fading to the white. Her legs from the knee down show light pink soft down feathers leading to sturdy taoned bird feet that scritch at the ground all the time when she is landed.

Personality: She is loving and romantic. All her life since she was 16 she has been searching for that perfect special someone. She is easily startled though and when she is scared or surprised her plume of feathers on top of her head full extend and show off the bright red and orange coloring with white tips. She is a lover not a fighter.

Location: Travels too much, has no specific location.

Element: Air

Attributes: She has learned self defense abilities from her grandfather.

Flaws: She never fights back which can lead to her being hurt or others.

Abilities: She has magical air abilities only when her emotions are high creating strong gusts of wind and on occasions twisters. She also has slight phsycic abilities, getting visions in her dreams and sometimes when coming in contact with certain people but the visions are never complete and very abstract.

Inventory: A pack she fills with sweets and breads from all the places she visits, as she loves to eat and cook. Also a necklace her mother gave to her she says will lead her to her lifelong mate, she will know when it heppens is all her mother said. The necklace has a beautiful green gem on it.

History: When she was 16 she left the nest knowing her mate was not in the village and took off to explore the world and its riches and find her soul mate, and also find and consume all kinds of new and wonderful foods.

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