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Bright Eyes

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1 Bright Eyes on Wed May 23, 2012 9:03 am


Name: Bright Eyes

Race: Aquatic Abomination (Angler Fish)

Age: 38

Height: 2’5”

Weight: 34lbs. (52 in armor)

Appearance: Bright Eyes is the size of a very small gnome and proportioned like one with the exception of his head which is much larger. His mouth is very wide and filled with long thin teeth one inch long. His scales are orange and dark blue and his limbs thin and gangly, with webbing between his fingers and toes. At the top of his skull is a thin tendril 4 inches long and tipped with a bioluminescent bulb of skin. Due to his physiology he cannot survive on the surface without wearing a custom made pressure suit. The suit is made of bronze plates with large glass dome for a faceplate that magnifies his startling features.

Personality: Bright Eyes is remarkably intelligent and analytical. He thinks before doing anything and is always searching for new knowledge to add to his impressive store of information. He has trouble relating to others due to his intellect and often confuses people with his extensive vocabulary.

Location: He travels a lot learning everything he can about the world, but his true home is the pirate king’s ship the Oro Jackson.

Element: Water

Attributes: Bright Eyes has a high intelligence that many gnomes would find intimidating. He is a master inventor and scientist skilled in many disciplines.

Flaws: Bright Eyes greatest flaw is his physiology. He is designed to live in the crushing pressure of the deepest oceans and without that pressure he would explode.

Abilities: Bright Eyes isn’t much of a fighter. His pressure suit isn’t armor and can be easily damaged which would be fatal to him. He has mirrors and lenses built into the portion of his suit that contains his head tendril. If battle threatens he can turn on his bioluminescent light, no longer a lure, the lenses focus its light into a powerful laser that can cut through steel easily.

Inventory: Pressure suit with built in lenses, scientific equipment

History: Bright Eyes awoke in the depths of the ocean transformed by the explosion like many other aquatic abominations. He began to explore the ocean floor cataloging everything but always dreamed of the world above and everything to discover on the surface. He ignored his desire out of fear for every time he tried to surface he could feel his body begin to expand. His life changed with the appearance of the pirate king Gol D. Roger. He had sensed the angler man as his ship passed over his habitat and dived down to the depths to meet him. He befriended the abomination over the course of several dives and with the use of his world class charisma convinced him to join him on the surface. He supplied materials so Bright Eyes could construct his pressure suit and finally ascend to the surface. He join the crew of the Oro Jackson and Roger named him Bright Eyes.

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