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Demeter Core'ielis

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1 Demeter Core'ielis on Tue May 15, 2012 9:21 am

Name: Demeter Core'ielis

Race: Aquatic Abomination (Octopus)

Age: 25

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 160

Appearance: Built like a human, with her skin stretched tight over her body. Skin is greyish, with a water logged look and green irredecent scales on her palms and on the bottom of her feet, Hair is shoulder length mucky brown with a greenish tint to it like sea weed, Eyes are wider, and open and close with eyelids on the side they are a smokey green color, mouth is human but with a few tendrills of tentacles hanging down. The tips of her fingers has suctions that can tear your skin off the bone if she wanted to. She has a tail manifested of her element water, its long and curls in at the end. She has longer ears split at the tip with a webbing in between the split, along with functioning gills behind her ears along with capable lungs, making her able to breathe and live above and below the waters surface.

Personality: She is very sheltered, only caring for herself. She was abandoned as a child and has been alone since she can remember. She has a tough attitude about her, but only longs to find someone who can put up with that facade she pulls, and want to be her friend or mate. She dosent care about the gender just that they will be able to put up with her horrible disfigurements.

Location: She resides on a small island in a lake, withing a bungalo she made herself out of old driftwood, sea weed, and palm fronds.

Element: Chaos, Water... she hardly ever taps into her Chaos element as she doent want to invoke any of that anger, or invite any demons within her life.

Attributes: She is very adapt at fishing, and swimming. She can also throw a spear or trident with very dead on accuracy.

Flaws: She is not like most of her race...

Abilities: She is very good at some witchcraft, though she mostly only dabbles in the good aspect of it like comunicating with the aquatic lifeforms, or hiding the sun with clouds so her skin and scales dont dry up too quick. There is also a dark side to it that calls to her and her Chaotic element within her wrentching at her soul.

Inventory: She mosly just carries, spears or a trident she made herself when she was younger, made of a beautiful strong material she found at the bottom of the lake, its clear with a smokey green coloring through it.

History: Demeter was left an orphen when she was 10, when predator abominations stole away and ate her parents. Left traumatized from this she grew up alone, only caring for herself. She now lives alone on an isolated and empty island in the middle of a lake, within the bungalo she created or below the lakes surface within a sunken ship she sometimes likes to visit when she cant get those horrible images of her parents murderers from her mind.

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