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The Sky Protector

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1 The Sky Protector on Tue May 15, 2012 9:19 am



Race: Avorial (Shoebill Roc)

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Height: 9’4”

Appearance: He is extraordinarily large compared to other Avorials, standing nearly twice as tall. His feathers are a smooth grey, with slight blue tints, and a dark green sheen on his back. His skin is tan and covered in scars, both decorational and from battle. His bill is monstrous, and also covered in scars and chips, it is yellow with splotches of black and almost 2 feet long, coming to a hook at the tip. His legs are also very long, ending in grey claws. He wears brilliant green armor made from the scaled of a gigantic fish.

Personality: He is very Quiet and Solitary, He never chose to take a mate, and he was never bothered with the shiny bobbled other avorials are in favor of collecting. He lives alone on the north eastern coast of Kelthdran, He is a great warrior and takes it upon himself to protect to Avorial towns in the area he lives, although he tries to not be seen by the villagers. He is a legend among the Avorials of Kelthdran Many parents tell Stories of his noble deeds and epic battles to their children.
Element: Air

Abilities: He uses an enormous long bow, which he holds in his foot claws, and draws with the hook at the end of his beak, leaving his wings free for flying. He has exceptional aim, and rarely misses his target, with his over sized arrows.

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