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Paul Marshall

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1 Paul Marshall on Tue May 15, 2012 9:17 am


Name: Paul Marshall

Race: Avorial (marsh wren)
Sex: Male

Age: 32

Height: 3'4"

Weight: 76

Appearance: He is a very short man, although rather round in the middle. his feathers are various shades of brown and grey in a messy, unspectacular pattern. His beak is long and slender, set close to his small, round, black eyes. his average length tail has a tendency to stick up in the air, only increased by his habit to spend long lengths of time bent over to examine something in the ground. He wears baggy short full of pockets and a tight fitting apron, that was often smudged with grass and dirt. His back was bare and a very soft brown color, due to his many hours wandering out in the sun.

Personality: Quirky, excitable, disinterested in socialization, habit of singing constantly to himself, though loudly enough to disturb those surrounding him. his speech is high pitched and breathy. extreme interest in small historical artifacts, spends much of his day investigating the surrounding marsh and forests for long forgotten treasures. While he prefers solitude, he enjoys the company of old men with epic stories from decades ago. He also will occasionally find him self fallen in with a ragtag adventuring team, aid he gracefully accepts to find more objects to fuel his obsession. He prefers to walk places rather then fly, but has his house built high in the trees to discourage his belongings being ransacked while he was away. When he is talking with people, he tends to carry on about some artifact or bit of history, then his audience generally has no interest in.

Element: Air

Attributes: An expert eye for spotting small details, He is very dexterous with his fingers and beck.

Flaws: He is socially awkward he tends to either make those around him uncomfortable, or annoy them with his singing.


Inventory: Various sized Picks made from the scavenged needle pointed claws of birds. A small Excavation kit. elaborate set of magnification goggles. Velvet lined boxes, some holding artifacts.

History: lives alone in the northern woods on the edge of the marshlands, His nest is woven round, with a small hole for a door, set between branches high in the trees

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