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1 Spraglesprigter on Tue May 15, 2012 9:16 am


Name: Mimbimar Spraglesprigter

Race: Gnome
Sex: Male

Age: 48

Height: 3’1”

Weight: 76

Appearance: He is a rather scraggily looking man, his grease smudged cloths hang loosely from his overly skinny frame. His hair is jet black, with silver feather along the sides, it would hang just below his ears but is most often jutting off in random messy directions. His face is kept clean shaven except for a rather impressive, bushy handle bar mustache with large curls at the ends.

Personality: Mimbimar is slightly on the crazy side. And more than a bit gold obsessed. He happened upon his Status as leader of the Rastanar tinker gnomes by chance, but acts as if hes made some great achievement. He is very much a pervert, and often makes crude jokes no matter the audience. Not quite as expansive as his addiction to gold, he also has a small obsession with Rakaphit women, and keeps several women caught by Rastanars navy as his slaves.

Element: Fire

Abilities: Mimbimar is as unmagical a creature as is possible, lacking even the innate magical abilities most gnomes seem to have. He is however a very skilled Tinkerer. Part time Inventor, and semi-succesful business man.

History: He grew up in nomfoodle, When he was a boy he dreamed of being a great magician, but with out an ounce of magical energy in his body, Mimbimar cant even manage the most simple of spells. He learned to tinker, and even seemed a bit better at it then your average gnome. He was working as the assistant, in a run down, greasy laboratory in the depths of the gnomish capital, when one day he was out on an errond, Covered in grit, and grim, and carrying his tool box in one hand and a wrench in the other, he was passing through the corridor around the giant digging mechanism in the center of Nomfoodle. 4 human men walked up to him, and ushered him into an ally. Suspecting him of being one of the highly skilled gnomeish mechanics, the offered him a job for the King of Rastanar, heading a small town if Tinker gnomes. Forgetting to mention that he was a lowly assistant Mimbimar excepted the mens offer immediately and has lived in a hobbit hole outside the capital city since. In his house is a Golden thrown big enough for an orakin, surrounded by mountains of gold, where he keeps his Rakaphit women tied to the walls. He also has a rather large workshop, where he works on Projects for the king himself, when he isn’t counting gold, Presiding of his gnomes, or napping in his Throne, which is never does for longer than 2 or 3 hours at a time.

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