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Hailee Heeron

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1 Hailee Heeron on Tue May 15, 2012 9:14 am


Name: Hailee Heeron

Race: Avorial (Snowy Egret)
Sex: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 102

Appearance: She is very tall for an Avorial, Her skin is very dark brown, and seems even darker, offset by her pure white feathers. She has a long, slender black beak, and longer than average black legs, ending in bright yellow feet. She has a vibrant yellow spot around each eye that extend down to the base of her elegant beak. She wears a strapless ornately designed blue robe, over a tightly laces corset that pushes her c cup breasts up as much as she can manage.

Personality: Like all Avorials she enjoys collecting things, however she often brings her objects to life, and discards them when the magic has worn off. She prefers the company of the animated objects greatly to real people, and has very few friends. She is a traveling trader, venturing from town to town, gathering new and intriguing objects to enchant, but trading off ones she has grown bored of. She also has a bad habit of selling enchanted objects to customers and disappearing before the magic wares off.

Element: Air, Arcane

Abilities: has the ability to bring life to inanimate objects, usually the animations are temporary, but with a lot of preparation, and using as much energy as she can manage to expend she can more permanently enchant an object with sentience.

History: Hailee grew on islands near the great reef to the east of Zaladria, when she was only 13 she left her family and flew to the mainland, where she was picked up by a band of traveling Shir’vahn, many of whom were salesman. She quickly learned how to talk people into paying too much for things they did not need, and how to convince someone to part with possessions they did not want to give up. She did not spend long with the caravan, as the Shir’vahn made her nervous. She now travels alone. Collecting objects of interest and amassing a small fortune which she hopes to one day buy a house with, to fill with permanently enchanted items.

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