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Galga of Caratuck

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1 Galga of Caratuck on Tue May 15, 2012 9:13 am


Name: Galga

Race: Kejeek (Gila Monster)
Sex: Female

Age: 46

Height: 4’9”

Weight: 148

Appearance: Galgas body is thick, and covered in smooth, round bumpy scaled. She has a splotchy stripped black and orange pattern. Her tail is nearly as thick as her body, and due to her short legs, drags on the ground. Her skin has become loose and hangs slightly in her old age. Her eyes are entirely white. She has a chubby stomach that hangs over the waist of the full length skirt she wears. The skirt is many layers and red, with an orantly designed waist band decorated with Peridots set in Gold. She also wears a light Yellow Clock with a similarly styled jewel clasp.

Personality: She enjoys crowded areas, and will often sit in the corner of a bar with her hood up, watching peoples auras play off of each other. She can be rather cynical when actually interacting with people, she conceals her ability and does not enjoy the frequency of which people lie, or try to hide who they are.

Element: Earth, Divine

Abilities: Aura reader

History: Galga was born into a klutch of kejeek living in the desert city Caratuck. They were the keeping of the Desert shrine, a place for Worship for the God Karaktekalli. As a reward for the family’s service to the God, the baby Galga was born with magical eyes, which gave her the ability to see other peoples auras. When she is alone, her eyes appear perfectly white, but they reflect the color of whoever’s aura she is looking at. She was raised in the church, but once the town leader found out about Galgas ability he waited until she reached her rebellious years, and while she was yerning to be away from her klutch, and to find her own freedom. He employed her as his own personal Aura Reader to make sure the miners, and traders he let into his town were not trying to deceive him.

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