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The Pirates Son

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1 The Pirates Son on Tue May 15, 2012 9:12 am


Name: Charles Sobolan

Race: Rakaphit
Sex: male

Age: 7

Height: 2'6"

Weight: 56lbs

Appearance: Charlie is small for his age, and just slightly chubby. his fur is a light cream color, that get dirty easily. His eyes are black, and the tip of his nose is soft pink. His whiskers are short, and his ears are a bit on the large side, and the same pink as his nose. He wears maroon shorts, that are torn and tattered near his feet. He wears no shirt, only a blue vest, covered in various patches.
Personality: Eager, Curious, Adventurous, Charles loves to help out where he can, Picking up small odd jobs here and there. Most adults around him offer him these jobs to keep him busy, Because he also has quiet a taste for getting into trouble. Charlie idolizes his father, as he can only spend very little time with him. The rest of the time he looks up to Hylda Wildgrube, Owner of The Wildgrube Manor. He often bother other patrons with stories of his Fathers Grand adventures, and tales of how, he himself would one day own the trading ship.
Element: Water

Attributes: His prized Possession is a gourd his father brought back to him from one of his trips. The gourd is fat and round at the bottom with a skinny curving neck. Its a deep green color with small white splotches. It is a fire gourd, and often aids Charlie in getting into trouble.

Flaws: Charlie has a knack for getting himself into trouble, and a nasty habit of sticking his pointed snout every place it doesn't belong.

History: Charlie's father is a sailor on a trade ship, that ports on Vachuul. Or so the young Rakaphit is told by Hylda and the staff of Wildgrube Rittergut, and so he happily believes. When he leaves port, Charles is left alone at Das Wildgrube Rittergut to fend for himself, until his father returns. The majority of the time, the young Rakaphit Follows around the owner of the sea side manor, When he isn't off causing trouble. His father only stays at the manor a handful of weeks out of the year.

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