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Kitana Maur'ian

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1 Kitana Maur'ian on Sun May 13, 2012 7:47 am

Name: Kitana Maur'ian

Race: Saurian (pterodactyl)

Age: 350

Height: 6'

Weight: 260

Appearance: Human torso, Skull domed at a curved point on the back, Beak except the rest of her face is human like, long irridecent blue hair that is slightly wispy like clouds, Bright purple eyes, bat like wings attached to her arms, legs human till the knee then turns scaly with talon like feet. Wears a large necklace that covers her chest and a lioncloth like skirt slitted on the sides to accomidate her large feet. Scals are an irredecent blue, Her skin is a mocha color fading into a blueish at the arms and knees. She also has a long tail scaly and pointed at the tip like an arrow.

Personality: Kind, Energetic, Outgoing. She loves making friends. Her greatest joy in life is being able to fly. if she ever lost this ability she would drop into a great depression feeling trapped and grounded.

Location: She lives in the Jungle crater in a nest like house she created upon a few tree tops so she can look at the sky every night before bed.

Element: Order, Air

Attributes: Kitana is very good at creating things, her house, jewlery like the large blue and white necklace that covers her chest, and her clothes. She is also very accurate with the twin daggers she created out of meteorite rocks and a bright blue metal for the handles.

Flaws: She is a pacifist and tends to avoid arguments and run from fights, leaving the others to take it up among themselves.

Abilities: Her tail can be used like a weapon, with is atrong touch scales and pointed tip. She is a great fortune teller when she makes skin on skin or scale contact with you she can have flashes of your past, present or possible future as nothing is totally set in stone, the future can change if you want it to.

Inventory: She carries daggers with her in sheaths she wears on her thighs concealed by her loincloth, she only uses them for hunting when she needs food, or for defending herself only when completly neccasery.

History: Abandoned as a baby Kitana was raised by an Avorial couple, who helped her learn to fly when she became of age. On her 100th year she discovered her ability to tell a persons past, present, and future by having contact with them skin/scale, to skin/scale/fur. Over the years she developed her ability to throw daggers, and over time she mined the materials and created her own twin daggers out of Meteorite and a bright blue metal for the handles. She has swirly air markings engraved into the handle and order element symbols carved into the blade itself.

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