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Das Wildgrube Manor

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1 Das Wildgrube Manor on Fri May 11, 2012 10:06 am


It was the type of place, where the sun is so big, and high in the sky everyday, its brightness and warmth wash over everything it can reach. it reflected through the water, leaving dancing shadows across the long undersea grass.

The plain sea, looked like just that. an expansive field, of long waving, bright green grass. The seaweed grew so thick in the crystal clear blue water. And it swayed and rolled in the ocean currents as if blown by the wind.

The sea was just off the east coast of Vachuul. It was surrounded on its own east side, by large islands, that nearly completely encircled it. The land masses kept the strong ocean swells out, leaving the shallow sea in constantly tranquil state.

Avorials flocked like, well, birds to these waters. Various Equillre also calls the plain sea home. A few Kejeek can be found about, and if you look hard enough, you may even come across some Alkerii. Pirate ships occasionally dock at near by shores, and have a go at causing a ruckus for the peaceful people that live here.

Small tiny islands dot the sea, breaking the pattern of flowing bright green seaweed. Most comprised only of sand, with maybe a few palm trees. Most of the buildings built on these island are Shacks made from bamboo and palm fronds. A few larger, more sturdy buildings reside on the larger isles.

Somewhere in the middle of the plain sea, built on its own sandy island. Amongst the homes, and the shops, and the taverns, was a manor. constructed from thick, weather enduring wood. The outside was painted grey, with purple trim. The Manor used to have very a bright, vibrate appearance, But now the old building looked weather beaten, worn down after years, and decades of existing so close to sea water.

'Das Wildgrube Manor'

The sign that hung on the porch read, in deeply carved black letters. Hylda Wildgrube, lived in, owned, and ran the Manor, which served as an Inn, water bar, and bed and breakfast, to the peaceful inhabitants of the Plain Sea. Before Hylda, her mother Ruth kept the Manor in full working order, and before that Ruths mother Helga. Who's husband, Ebert Wildgrube, had built the Manor with his own hands.

Hylda was an Equillre, but not just any Equillre, Hylda looked just like a hippopotamus, and was nearly as round as one too! Much like her animal counterpart, Hylda loved to spend her free time lounging in the cool water. But she also spent a fair about of time making her way around the dim, dusty manor. She loved to cook for her guests, and played a hostess very well. She always made sure every one was comfortable, and happy, and full of food. And Hylda loved kids. She never minded when they ran around the Manor, shouting and screaming, and crying. They only made her smile.

Every one for leagues around knew Das Wildgrube Manor. And every one knew, and loved Hylda. It was an ideal spot to go, and relax in the shade, just to drink a cool glass of fresh water. And it was perfect for Families to stay on vacation. Hylda even occasionally got travelers renting out her rooms, from far away lands, who told grand tales to all the children, and adults, who cared to listen.

Today Hylda was in the kitchen, a Flowery apron was tied around her round belly, and she was covered in flour, and gravy, and sauces, and anything else in the kitchen she always easily managed to spill on herself. She was rolling the dough to make meat pies, even though she herself found meat distasteful. Her round ears twitched, as she hummed a pleasant tune. keeping in time with strokes of her rolling pin. Around her, kitchen help rushed around the kitchen, hurrying to get dinner done on time, Occasionally one would bump into Hylda, or accidentally jab her with en elbow. But the Hippo didn't mind, She just continued rolling, and continued humming, and her ears twitched happily.


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2 Re: Das Wildgrube Manor on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:30 am


Down by the shore of the tiny island where the Wildegrube manor was located, between two palm trees hung a shabby hammock. This belonged to and was occupied by a short brown rakaphit by the name of Charles Sobolan, or Charlie to his many friends on the small island. He was lounging around chewing on a wad of tabacco leaf he had gotten from a passing trader. Though he didn't look like much from his short stature and rugged clothes, his eyes were sharp and inquisitive.

Swinging gently in the breeze he watched the horizon for any ships that might be coming. He liked to know if people were coming before they arrived so he could prepare. He was also always eager for the day his father would return for him. As he listened to the gentle waves his belly began to rumble fiercely.

He rolled from the hammock to the ground and spat out the tabacco leaf. Hilda didn't usually like him stinking up her kitchen with the pungent leaf. He started off toward the mansion at a trot, coming around the back to use one of the small kitchen doors. Inside he quickly found the owner rolling dough serenely. He walked up behind her and addressed her backside.

"Hilda," he asked. "When's dinner gonna be ready?"

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3 Re: Das Wildgrube Manor on Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:06 am


Hilda back up as she looked around for the source of the small voice, Her massive flower covered behind bumped right into Charlies face. Feeling that she turned and jumped, her jiggling belly spilling a bag of flower all over the table and floor. "Oh look what I've done now" Two well trained sous chefs were on the scene immediately, used to these accidents, one wielded a broom and the other a dust pan. they jiffied the mess away while Hilda turned and bent to talk to the young rat.

"Dinners going to be ready in a bit. Meat pies!" She smiled, knowing Charlie enjoyed them. "But not quiet yet. How about this." She produced a cookie from her apron pocket and handed it to the boy. "Just don't tell any one" The hippo winked, knowing there was no one to tell. "And you shouldn't be burning that stuff." Hilda wrinkled her nose and chastised through her smile.

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