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Zora Terri'la

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1 Zora Terri'la on Thu May 10, 2012 10:28 am

Name: Zora Terri'la

Race: Ter'Alkerii

Age: 220

Height: 7', 1/2"

Weight: 320

Appearance: Curvy body, large breasts, Long lanky limbs, Long dark mocha colored hair, Mocha native colored skin, Wears a long light brown tunic tied at the waist with a vine like rope with leaves hanging around it with long open sleeves and a large hood, Emerald green eyes, she has a long tail with a tuft of dark brown hair at the end, She carries herself with pride around her own race, but when around others she tends to slouch and hide her face behind her long hair.
Personality: Zora is a shy one, very pulled back from any one other then her own race which are all considered family. She tends to recide within here imediate family she choose when she was young instead of being passed around for the rest of her childhood.

Location: Within a large cavern next to a deposite of beautiful iridecent rocks she likes to look at when she goes to sleep.

Element: Earth

Attributes: Bringing peace, Growing plants and caring for living creatures.

Flaws: She is afraid to be left alone in the world, or be thrown into a group of mixed races as she has only known her own her whole life, the unknown world scares her.

Abilities: Transfiguration, Archery

Inventory: Bow and arrow set, garden tools, Dagger *for freeing animals in snares or traps*

History: Zore grew up like any Alkerii would be, being passed arounf till she chose one person to stay with for the rest of her childhood. She has grown into loving anything that needs to ne nurtered and loved to grow, like plants and animals. She later figured out she had good aim with a bow and arrow. On her 50th year she found out she could transfigure in an animal, but could only turn into one animal everytime, and that animals was a type of wild cat. She used this ability to bond with animals in the wild and gain their trust so she may get away into the woods whenever she wanted. When the rest of her race found out about her change they saw no other option then to send her out into the world to obtain data and information about the other races of the world and bring it back to them when she got all information from each and every race of each and every element of the world, knowing by the time she came back she would have to be better and of learned her lesson for changing and being different then the rest of them.

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