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Juku Kraillskin

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1 Juku Kraillskin on Thu May 10, 2012 10:01 am


Name: Juku Kraillskin

Race: Orakin

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 283 lbs

Element: Earth

Attributes: Small about of 'handy' magic, Transfiguration magic.

Flaws: Missing two limbs. pacifist.

Abilities: can transform into a spectacled bear

Appearance: Juku is rather short for an Orakin, and only has her upper two arms remaining. her skin is dark beige , the hair on her body is pitch black. her tusks are much shorter then the average orakins, nearly completely hidden by her lips. She keeps then shaved down. She's rather thick, and slightly muscular, with not over large breasts. She has practically no hair on her head. Save a few strands right at the top-center of her forehead, which were also black. She wears glasses for reading, and studying, but finds them rather annoying. Her clothing of choice is Short brown leather leggings, laced entirely up each side, a tight cloth wrapped around her torso, and no shoes.

Personality: She is peaceful and fun loving, although blunt, and rough around the edges. She loves people, and large gatherings, and especially parties. She has been known to throw a few back, but she can hold her own quite well. She's incredibly protective of those she considers family. Although she tries to avoid altercations. Over the years she has grown to become a vegetarian, preferring to not kill, even to feed herself.

History: Juku grew up in the planes of Zaladria. Her family a small tribe of nomadic Orakin. For as long as she could remember her tribe had spent its days stalking through the tall waving grass, Hunting animals, and Challenging other Orakin or Shir'Vhan or any one else they met, to gruesome battles to the death. And for as long as Juku could remember she was repulsed by the needless slaughter.

As a very young child, Juku was confronted by some of her peers and challenged to a spar. When the peaceful orakin refused to throw punches, the Two boys that had challenged her ripped off her two lower arms, Before Jukus mother could step in to break up the fight. After that, Jukus mother, Trega kept a close eye on her kin, and protected her from her peers.

Trega knew her daughter was missing that spark most Orakin possessed, that kept them heated for battle, and thirsty to prove themselves in a fight. No matter how much she loved her child, Trega could not deny there was something wrong with the girl. One night, when the tribe was camped as close to the edge of the grasslands as they dared go, Trega made a decision. She knew that Juku would not make it in the tribe. She would be killed when she was old enough to mate. She decided Juku must leave the camp, and try to find her way in the more peaceful lands, outside of the ruthless prairie.

In hushed voices Trega shook her daughter from her sleep. With quiet, quick movements Juku was ushered to the edge of camp. Her mother thrust a knapsack into her arms. It was bursting with what seemed to be food, and traveling supplies. Juku stared up at her mother with her soft brown eyes. Trega nodded. She blinked her own eyes. Sparkling with Orakin ferociousity .
"You aren't one of us. Go east! See what lies beyond these grass lands. Stay Safe." was all she said. Trega did not even hug her barley a teenage daughter before sending her out into the world. She Simply grimaced, in what she though was a reassuring smile. And then hung her head, turned and walked back into camp.

Juku did in fact walk east. By the time the sun rose the next morning, the young girl and stumbled her way out of the grass lands and came to rest under a tree. Accustomed to walking all day, she made quick time, over the hilly country side. And before long she came to a forest. a huge, dense forest. much deeper, and taller then most any forest. And still not too much longer after that she found the Druids. A peaceful clan of people, living in the forest. they cared for the animals and the plants. Instead of killing them and ripping them apart, as Juku had grown up learning to do. She settled in quickly with these people, Coming to live in the tree-capital-city of Faedwark. She convinced an old Orakin druid that lived there to take her under her wing, when most every other druid was weary of training such a hot blooded race.

Juku flourished living in the woods. She was quick with her studies, and mastered many small spells. She loved to tend to trees, and often talk to them. She found them fascinatingly huge compared to the tiny scrub trees that grow in savannas. She eventually dedicated herself to Transfiguration, and Mastered the skill of transforming into a large, shaggy, Spectacled bear. She still lives in the tree city, Her fellow druids accepting her as very much one of their own. Although her mentor Kraill died, some years ago, from old age, a rare feat for an Orakin.

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