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Hau-Came Xilbabah

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1 Hau-Came Xilbabah on Tue May 08, 2012 7:29 am


Name: Hau-Came Xilbabah

Race: Sha-kah'dir

Age: 43

Height: 7’3”

Weight: 123

Appearance: Her skin is Dark ashen grey, with white curving lines tattoos horizontally across her face, as well as in rings around her arms, legs, and torso. She is Even more emaciated then other Sha-kah’Dir due to her tendency to starve herself, as she enjoys lingering on the very edge of death, between the spirit world and the physical. She is nearly flat chested, her small breasts, also covered in curving white lines. She prefers to wear only a ground length loin cloth, made of golden material with purple trim and accents.

Personality: She is obsessed with death, though in a very whimsical way, she finds others dying to be comical, and has fun trying to convince others to seek the end of their own lives. She also will occasionally use her power to put on sort of a shock performance.

Location: She lives in a Sha-kah’Dir city on the edge of the jungle filled crater, often venturing onto the planes nearby to seek out Equillre Shamans.

Element: Divine

Abilities: She was born with ability to retain conciseness in the spirit world. She can make the choice to return her soul to her physical body if it was not too badly damaged. She later in life was trained in Shamanism, and uses her power to cross over into the spirit world, by dying, to meet with, and gain the aid of spirits.

History: She was raised as a High Priestess in the Temple of Death, the largest Golden pyramid in the city of Tla-ka’Dir. After coming of age, having spent her entire childhood studying the spirit realm, she left the temple to explore and learn about the physical world. After traveling through the jungle and across the plains she came across the Summer festival Dak Fle and spent many years with the White High Shamans of the Equillre, learning the ways of Shamanism,

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