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The tattooed Woman

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1 The tattooed Woman on Mon Jan 30, 2012 4:32 am


Name: Jazalynn “The Tattooed Woman” Rowan

Race: Human

Age: 27

Height: 5”3’

Weight: 104

Appearance: She has Pale skin and crystal blue eyes, her hair is dark red and sleek, falling straight down her back and coming to a pointed tip at the small of her back. She has a small chest, and a round bottom. She wears Dark Dramatic make up, Red Lip stick, and intricate black eyeliner, often in different patterns. She also wears white make up to make herself appear even paler. Her entire Body is covered in bold colorful, Tattoos with thick black outlines. Most of the Pictures are of Tarot cards. She wears Black and white Vertically stripped, baggy pants held up by red suspenders over a colorful bra. Over her pants she wears knee high, lace up black leather, high heeled boots.

Personality: She has a very Alluring personality, Physically People tend to not get enough of staring at her, and most that talk to her feel the same about her personality, They want to listen to her talk forever. She is often only out for herself and wont hesitate to tell any one to fuck off. She appears very sweet, and mysterious and often erotic, however she tends to be more of a bitch once you get to know her. She is a party girl and loves to have fun, as well as perform. She loves to be the center of Attention.

Element: Fire

Attributes: She is very good at holding peoples attention, and convincing others to do what she wants.

Flaws: She is overly cocky and has a slight drug problem, as well as an addiction to tattoos.

Abilities: Her tattoos are done by a mage with enchanted ink, and each has the power to impress and emotion or enchantment onto a target, or as an aura around her.
History: She grew up as a farm girl in the hilly country side,, miles away from Rastanar, her parents ran the farm together, Her father tending to a large flock of sheep, while her mother managed a vast pumpkin field. During her childhood she we trained as a farm hand, She was usually pleased with her simple life, but always dreamt of more. When she was 16 her parents arranged for her to wed a boy from a neighboring farm. However she did not want to become a house wife so early in life, so in the middle of the night she fled, east, towards the Capital, she walked for almost a week, sleeping in barns, and stealing food. About a day out side Rastanar she stumbled across an encampment of Circus performers. She bagged to share a meal in exchange for chores, and explained why she was wandering the country side alone. Having grown up on a farm, and being no stranger to hard work, the Circus hired her to help with the grunt work. Over the years, and because more and more comfortable with the circus, even considering the Caravan home. When she was 17, she got her First tattoo, now, 10 years later, she performs in the Circus freak show, as the Tattooed Woman, and enjoys sending her audience through a roller coaster of emotions as she performs her act.

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