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Aquadic Abominations

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1 Aquadic Abominations on Tue Oct 12, 2010 11:15 pm


Race - Aquatic Abominations

Favored element - chaos

Lifespan – 5 - 300 years

Size – 2 - 10 feet

Appearance – These mutilated creatures appear as the various other races of Rylencia, but with Gruesome Twists in their appearances. Ranging from Minor alterations such as Fins or Gills, To horrible mutations, functioning grab legs sprouting from the body, or urchin spikes protruding from the face. Their Skin appears Pale and waterlogged, and many have Barnacles attached to various parts of their bodies.

Habitat – The Abominations choose to live on the Shores of Rylencia. Building small ocean side towns where they can exist away from the other races. Many Also live on boats. They are rarely found inland, and when they do chose to venture away from the sea, they make their way traveling along side rivers and lakes.

Personality - Their Twisted appearance have cause the Aquatic Abominations to not be accepted by their fellow races. This has forced a split in their culture. The more docile of them, Fish, Mollusks, other small creatures, Tend to keep to them selves, only associating with the small clans they have set up for themselves. Living quiet lives and trying to stay out of the way. The more Predatory Abominations, Sharks, Whales, etc. have chosen to not live in hiding and instead make their lives as pirates, stealing from the coastal towns of the other Races of Rylencia, and their weaker, more timid counterparts.

Racial traits – Their Racial traits vary greatly depending on what species they mutated from, Though they all share the ability to breath underwater, and the need to be in the water often.

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