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Nikoli "the time hunter"

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1 Nikoli "the time hunter" on Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:26 am

Name:Nikoli "time hunter" (a nick name he thought sounded cool after falling into the past)

Race: human/shape changer




Appearance: a small light little guy his personality more than makes up for his small stature, his hair is arctic wolf silver and his sharp eyes are icy blue and gleam with an animistic intelligence. His teeth look filed sharp up close and his wit keeps his tongue lashing. He wears a long while duster coat over a very stylish white three piece suit, a pair of holsters hang at his hips as well as 4 other holsters tucked in more hidden areas. not to mention his signature white fedora and blood red tie

i could get by on just saying cocky but he is more than that that's just the surface underneath is a little lost puppy who just wants to be someones pet. he hides his emotions very well and doesn't let many people close

Location:Currently he is traveling looking for a way home, after finding his target that is.

Element:wind/sub order

Attributes:A gunslinger and hunter by trade he is skilled in deception and finding things out he also can hit the wing off a fly from 300 yards away with out killing the fly

Flaws:he is insecure and much more likely to pull his guns on you that actually talk to most people, he is impatient and hard to control sometimes

Abilities:he carries multiple objects on him that make him seem magical he doesn't have any controllable magic on him, he can change his shape into a large dire wolf or a normal wolf at will though or even a couple forms between full wolf and man

Inventory:2 bandoleers full of magical bullets circle his hips with his holsters hanging off the edges of them, his long duster jacket is enchanted to be bullet proof and his hat can transport him to where it is if he needs to, all of witch he picked up in this world since he had been lost in this time

History:Nikoli is from the year 2023 and is after a mark who after getting cornered cast a spell and jumped through a gate. Nikoli being cocky as hell jumped in after him and blacked out, he woke up in a cage in his wolf form after a day of plotting he broke out and found himself in an old castle crumbling and abandoned. he started to travel and find out where he was always on the hunt for his mark and picking up other hunting jobs while here to make some money and get some new toys

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