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Yvahh Raess the Rogue Pirate

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1 Yvahh Raess the Rogue Pirate on Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:26 am

Name: Yvahh Raess
Race: Equillre
Age: 15
Height: 6ft
Weight: 170lbs
Appearance: Just one of those many grey or black cloaked ominous people you see all the time, this one riding a ridiculously expensive and powerful black stallion with cute little silver skulls on the reins and saddle. Avert thy eyes and hide the children, tis Death himself ridden into town on business including reaping and likely no sowing! And yet the cloak makes her appear more mainstream and boring than dangerous when walking about horseless, probably just another hideous leper, move along, touch nothing. Truth be told this big bad cloak business is simply the best excuse to avoid multiple costume changes to fit her lifestyle as the unique full body armor she wears is a pain in the ass to take on and off all the time. This armor is jet black and predominantly segmented plate, somewhat thin looking. Between the plates is a notable scale of thin small disks which actually has 2 layers and absorbs damage very well. It is the lightest most flexible and still strong heavy armor suit thusfar made from money and Yvahh fears no blade smaller than a bastard sword. Still it gets hot sometimes and the armor has to be maintained every now and then which means she must wander about in nought but a black cotton suit with only pricy lingere between that and her bare fur. Anyone lucky (or unlucky) enough to bed her can appreciate her white underfur dyed with black tribal markings including a stylized skull as the centerpiece. Her legs and copper furred back bear similar dyes. Her eyes are dark grey and usually occupied with a secretive malice when not acting for her prey. Her horns come out of the top of her forhead and sweep back not much farther than her skull and she maintains a well groomed mane of black hair swept backward out of her face and eyes. She also boasts numerous black metal piercings along her eyebrowns, ears, tongue, belly and... other places.
Personality: Cloaked Yvahh keeps to herself more as if trying to avoid attention which she mostly succeeds at. She remains quiet and interacts only with those she feels the appropriate need to. Stiding with her suit of armor bared her attitude changes to one that is more assertive, talkative, tough and yet approachable almost as one would expect from a seasoned mercenary which she would claim to be if asked. The wicked looking scimitar strapped to her back is usually enough to keep unwanted trouble away. Shed of armor Yvahh is suddenly a cautious, lightfooted, almost shy creature and her femene charms tend to come to the forefront over a dangerous nature though it is unlikely her scimitar has been left behind. Which of these if any is her true nature remains forever uncertain in the minds of others.
Location: Wherever she and her steed happen to be
Element: Wind-Movement and Chaos-Death
Attributes: Fast and agile with the strength to jump around in armor all day Yvahh is physically gifted in mobility and trained in the ways of the sword. She is also intelligent and resourceful with enough adaptability to play actress to most roles passably. Her secret specialty is in poisons and death magic while at the same time her life has made her highly resistant to poisons herself.
Flaws: Yvahh is a liar and a thief by nature, both openly and passively aggressive and perceptive individuals may become suspicious of her without her notice. She does not make a good team player for several good reasons and working with others does not come naturally to her as fending for herself does. She does not believe in or entirely understand the word trust and she will sell out her own mother if the price is right and if she can figure out who her mother is in the first place.
Abilities: A vicious swordfighter Yvahh is actually best as a slow killer using her powerful death magic to literally bleed the life out of her enemy and weaken them until they can no longer defend themselves. Her secretive nature and advanced armor is supportive of this gradual but sure kill method. Apart fromsimply pulling life out of her opponent Yvahh can accelerate death through any poison in her targets body enhancing the chemical effect and adding a destructive decaying edge to it. Yvahh applies poison to her blade and claws. By spending more power she can also quicken to loss of life but this becomes more demanding on her mana the faster she tries to kill. Being a fan of efficiency and holding energy in reserve to deal with future problems she tends to stick with killing you slowly.
Inventory: Armor, Scimitar, finger claws stored in the thighs of the armor, several well endowed hidden money pouches, various deadly poisons all of which practically have no effect on her, Mjolnir her stallion, and varoius little odds and ends in her saddlebags.
History: Yvahh was removed from her peoples society at a very young age and sold as a slave to some spoiled noble's son. She was essentially bought to be this boys friend and companion as he saw fit as well as whipping girl and poison taster to the general family. It was not such a terrible life as one might think as the boy noble demanded she be treated as his near equal apart from whatever duties and she received very similar training as he himself did. She took to the sword training very well and eventually had to let the son win in sparring matches. She also developed quite a tolerance for several toxins as she received excellent care following her role as taster on those most unfortunate of days. The good times ended suddenly as Yvahh matured rabidly into a young woman and her male benefactors decided to take more than she ever wanted to give. Prideful, wrathful, and with unusual emotional functions somewhat like most sociopaths she did not sit back and take this unwanted treatment as some would say she was supposed to. She planned her escape and poisoned the entire family setting fire to the estates as she left. Once out she pursued life as a dark cultist believing this was her destiny but even this life did not sit well with her and she left years of worship and a trail of former allies bodies after having gained incredible skill in death magic. She next worked her way into a life of piracy and she was sure she had at last found her calling, she loved to pillage, ransack, fight, and drink! But eventually she realized the damn boats would never stop rocking and making her seasick and she would never be free of some smelly male bothering her when she wasn't in the mood for it. Not to mention her shipmates were more likely to get her killed or caught by the authorities and then killed after a long boring speech about their own righteousness. So she left another group of old comrades in flames and took to land on her own. At last with the taming of her own stallion and cutting of all ties she had found her way of life, as a freelance cut-throat and landlubbing swashbuckler.

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