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The Living Statues

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1 The Living Statues on Thu May 27, 2010 6:02 am


Race - The living Statues

Favored element - earth

Lifespan – indeterminable.

Size – 5 - 6 feet

Appearance – these humanoid creatures shapes appear much like humans, exept for the fact that their bodys are not made of flesh and bone, but of stones, metals, and woods. Their cores are often made of flexible magicl enhanced woods covered with an armor like shell of either metal or stone. the living statues bodys are often covered in engravings of various things. these appear as Eunuchs and have no need for cloathing. Their Faces are round and featureless, Theres eyes deep sockets with dull glowing crystels set in back. They have no noses, and no lips. There mouth instead is just a fagged cut across their faces. They have no hair, but often have strange symbols carved into the back of their heads, that not even they know the meanings of.

Capital - no one is quiet sure where the living statues comes from. they seem to have no base of operations or home lands.

Habitat – a living statue has the capability of living anywhere. though they tend to favor dryer, warmer climates.

Personality - A living statue is a being that was created by another. first the body is crafted. then the soul of a dead person is magical infused with the statue. this forces the creation to life, it gains sentience but retains no memories of who it was in its past life. no one knows who creates them and they tend to have no loyalty to others of their race. many of them spend there lives searching for their pasts. others are captured by the other races of Rylencia and forced into Slavery. their durable bodies make them apt warriors and often a living statue will make a living as an adventurer

Racial traits – a living statue has no need for food, water, or air. they are often apt at creating attachable parts which they can connect to there bodies for different purposes. while not being able to be affects by physical sickness or poisons, they are still affected by magical aliments as well as rust, fire, and being waterlogged.

Creation: The living statues where created my a man named Desmond, Living in the caved of a remote island, lost in the seas of Rylencia. It is said that This man poses powers far greater then any mage. He lives alone, with only the assistance of his creations. Spending most of his hours in his work shop, building and sculpting his beloved Statues, Vessels for the souls he collects. When he is not in his work shop he travels the globe, Checking on the living statues he has released into the world, and striking up deals with people he meets in his travels, Gathering souls for his twisted creations.

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