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The Jotun(Andy's family)

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1 The Jotun(Andy's family) on Wed May 26, 2010 12:09 am


So since you decided to post I guess I'll throw these guys up.

Name: Loki
Race: God
Age: However old gods are. Older than his three children.
Height: Any
Weight: Any
Appearance: Loki’s true appearance is unknown, if he even has one. He can shape shift into anything he likes.
Personality: Loki is manipulative and cruel. He lives to hurt and disrupt the lives of others and sits back cackling at the misfortune he causes. He’s a wonderful actor and combined with his shape shifting he can be anyone he wishes.
Location: Around
Element: Divine
Attributes: God of Mischief
Flaws: Loki isn’t really that well liked among gods. Most deities and peoples have a valid reason to hate him for some past havoc he has wrought, others simply fear his reputation.
Abilities: Loki is a marvelous shape shifter. He is one of if not the greatest shape shifter among the gods. He can infinitely change the size, structure, coloration, composition, and even number of his physical form. He is phenomenally cunning and intelligent fighting with tricky more often than his physical skills.
History: Loki was originally created by the Big Eight to fulfill the needs of those individuals that aren’t really sane. For those people that lusted after destruction Loki came and gave it to them. He has spent his time causing as much destruction and pain as he can. A number of years ago he began spreading around the story that he had three children. The peoples’ fear of him caused this lie to spread like wildfire and before anyone knew it Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungand came into existence.

Name: Hel
Race: God
Age: However old gods are. Younger than Loki but the same age as Fenrir and Jormungand.
Height: Usually around 100ft. but can shape shift to a degree. Human height is 5’9”
Weight: Any
Appearance: Hel is literally half alive and half dead. The right half of her body is that of a healthy human female with long luxurious brunette hair. This alive side is actually quite beautiful though she is rather gloomy and downcast. The left half of her body is that of a corpse. Her skin is rotted and peeling, maggots crawl within her feeding on her decaying tissue. Her eyes are an incredibly bright blue so that they almost glow and they lack pupils. When she tries to blend in with the mortal races she wears long black robes to conceal her body with a mask that covers the left half of her face.
Personality: Rarely leaving her hall and its collection of dead souls, Hel is a fierce guardian of the dead, cold and unforgiving. She would not even let Baldur, the fair and beautiful God, to depart her halls once he arrived in them. Niflheim is cold, and Hel, as its queen, is colder still.
Location: Niflheim
Element: Divine
Attributes: Ruler of Niflheim: Underworld for those who die of old age and disease.
Flaws: Hel is not nearly as physically powerful as her brothers. While she does have the power of a queen she has all the responsibilities that her position carries.
Abilities: Hel has complete dominion over her realm. Within Niflheim she is omniscient and has power over all the dead within her world. She has inherited a bit of her father’s ability to shape shift, primarily allowing her to altering her height. In addition her undead side constantly regenerates at a rate that matches her decay. If she wishes she can control the maggots crawling in her flesh, by letting them feed on her own flesh and blood they have gained divine properties. These insects can grow to adulthood quickly and become a deadly swarm.
History: Hel was born from the fear spread by her father’s actions. Unlike her brothers or her father Hel has carved out her own place in the grand scheme of things. She made a deal with the gods giving her a piece of death to command. Her nature made her a natural death goddess and it was only a matter of time before she had created her underworld of Niflheim and started excepting dead souls.

Name: Fenrir
Race: God/Wolf
Age: However old gods are. Younger than Loki but the same age as Hel and Jormungand.
Height: 83ft.
Weight: Several hundred tons
Appearance: An enormous steely gray wolf with glinting fangs and burning red eyes.
Personality: Fenrir is a brutal and vicious being. Though he isn’t usually excessively violent, he doesn’t respect mortals enough to spend too much effort killing them. He’s more lazy than violent and doesn’t do much of anything unless faced with a decent meal; either a god or a dragon perhaps.
Location: A dark cave hidden away in a quiet part of the wilderness.
Element: Divine
Attributes: The Great Wolf
Flaws: Fenrir has no domain so unlike other gods has no special powers beyond his terrifying physical abilities.
Abilities: Fenrir is incredibly fast, agile, strong, has amazing senses, and incredible stamina. He’s more of a monster than a god
History: Fenrir was born from the fear spread by his father’s actions. As a young pup he was taken into custody by a group of gods that disliked his father and were determined to keep the young wolf in check. They bound him in the strongest restraints they could create and set a guard about him. But as he grew in size and strength the restraints began to strain. Eventually Fenrir was able to break his unbreakable restraints and escaped devouring the arm of one of the gods guarding him in the process. He went into hiding not caring about much. From time to time a group of adventurers will disappear in the wilderness, in olden times a dragon would vanish and cause something of a bigger stir, and on rare occasion even gods have been known to go missing striking fear in all others that know what happened to it.

Name: Jormungand
Race: God/Serpent
Age: However old gods are. Younger than Loki but the same age as Fenrir and Hel.
Height: Long enough to encircle all of Rylencia.
Weight: Several hundred billion tons.
Appearance: Jormungand is an enormous snake so long that he encircles the planet. The scales on his back are green with black speckles and his underbelly is an electric blue.
Personality: Jormungand is a lurker. He lurks underwater or underground and observes the goings on of the people above. Every now and then he’ll surface but usually he just sleeps.
Location: Wrapped around the world mostly in the oceans and underground.
Element: Divine
Attributes: The World Serpent
Flaws: Due to his massive size it’s hard to keep track of all his body so he tends to have a lot of blind spots.
Abilities: In addition to his size Jormungand has some of the deadliest venom to be found on Rylencia. His scales are like steal making it very hard to hurt him. He can pop up anywhere he wishes by traveling underground and within the oceans. By encircling the planet he holds its fate in his coils. By wiggling his body deep underground he can cause earthquakes and if he were ever to convulse his entire body he could sink entire contents and shake Rylencia to bits.
History: Jormungand was born from the fear spread by his father’s actions. He dug deep underground and began to grow. He borrowed thru miles of earth and swam through entire oceans slowly encircling the entire planet. There he waits holding the earth in his coils.

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