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The Great Dragon War

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1 The Great Dragon War on Sat May 22, 2010 12:01 am


When the Great Dragons of Rylencia were created they were sent to the earth as guardians of there people. Scattering to all corners of the world, the beautiful multicolored beasts took up residence in the oceans, forests, mountains, rivers, caves and Other Secluded areas they could find. This was a Time when magic ruled Rylencia, the gnomes had yet to create there massive clock work inventions, The Orakin Still lived in there cliff side homes, not ready to Venture out into world to create the great city of Orjak, and some of the Races were still very young. The Dragons Dwelt in the shadows, not all believing in there existence, but those who happened to come across one of these creatures, knew how much power they held.

Many years passed and the dragons slowly began to come out of hiding, integrating them selves into different societies. Though they became the Most Immersed in the race Capitals of Zaladria and Zaladrin. During these Years, Great Powerful Dragons took up residence in the Castles and halls of the large cities, taking the places of Kings, and leaders. For years these Dragon Lords Ruled the Land. Eventually So much Timed passed that The people living under the Dragons began to think of them as more Godly them any past King. Many of the Races of Rylencia started to forget the old Religions, discarding the Great Eight for these newer, more earthly Deities. Each City Worshiped the dragon that ruled it, and the races began to fight amongst them selves in an effort to prove their Dragon God greater then the Dragons of the other Races.

Mean while, on The plane of Existence where the Original Gods spend there days, Ryl was becoming Increasingly more and more upset by what was going on in the beautiful world he helped create. He Gathered the Gods and Goddess and together they decided this worshiping of the false gods could no longer continue. They banished the large powerful beasts from Rylencia, Killing many of them. The smarter dragons took up hiding, deep in the earth where they have stayed for hundreds of years, afraid that if they return to the surface their entire race will be whipped out. The Smaller, Minor Dragons who lived a much more feral life then there Power Hungry Cousins where allowed to Stay on Rylencia, Living in the wilderness. being treated as Animals by the Different Races.

To this Day Dragons seem to be creatures that exist only in the Dusty history books found strewn across the Libraries of the world. Every once in a while, Adventures will Tell tales of Great dragons they discovered deep underneath mountains. Those Who hear the fantastic stories write the hero's off as liars, trying to make a name for them selves, and indeed most are. But even now, 1000's of Years after the Great Dragon War has ended, in dark, damp earthen holes carved out of the deepest depths of soil, The Great Dragons that once ruled Rylencia may still happen to to discovered by wandering Adventures. Those You will Never hear these Adventures Speak of the Great Scaled Creatures they met in the darkest Shadows under the world, as most Bribe their founders with the piled of Gold, they have Collected over the Centuries, To keep quiet Their existence and Location. In the hopes that one day they will be allowed to return to Rylencia and once again live in peace with its other inhabitants.

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