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The Vengful Mother

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1 The Vengful Mother on Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:20 am


Glorisi Dwoli Naliess Of the Hammerwarth Clan

Widow of Orik Hammerwrath, and Mother of 5




She has birthed and Raised 5 children. do you think she would tell any one THAT?

A short stocky woman with a bit extra around her mid section from years of baking. Glorisi looks your average dwarf house wife. her hair was once a brilliant red, but it has faded over time and been streaked with gray after 5 children. Her green eyes still shine softly though they are starting to harden into the stern appearance of a determined woman as what was once her love of life turns in to a lust for revenge.

An air of Vengeance surrounds the middle aged house-dwarf But at heard she is a kind and loving mother, She lives to take care of children, Hers and other peoples, If she invited you into her house, she will stuff you with food before you leave. She will mother nearly anyone that comes along and seems in need of some care, and tends to clean up after any one that fails to do so for themselves. Sitting at a table in a dingy inn, she will usually find her self, wiping the finger prints off the plates.

Once lived in the Mountain city of Dar'Grin, Now Travels around Rylencia


Glorisi is an Amazing Multitasker, able to clean the house, Cook dinner, Entertain young ones, Help children with homework, and hold a Conversation with her Husband, all while Balancing a baby on her hip. This skill comes in Very useful on the battle field as well, being able to focus on multiple enemies at once.

she has a -minor- case of OCD and insists on cleaning when ever she has nothing better to do, even if the things she is cleaning are not her own

Glorisi Bears her Husbands Shield, Relying more on deflecting attacks then causing the most amount of Damage to her enemy, Finding mace far too heavy for her. She wields a sturdy rolling pin. She also has some practice in healing magics, formally used to make sure sick children dont miss a day of school, or are okay after a fall while playing, Now comes in very useful in the face of battle.

Rolling Pin
A stack of letters from her children
Sewing kity
Healing Bandages and Herbs
A rag for cleaning

Glorisi was a normal Dwarf girl, she was born to average dwarf parents and had many brothers and sisters. She grew up a small village out side Dar'Grin and she learned to cook and clean and sew, and raise children. When Glorisi became a woman she met a man, and he was also average, he lived in the city, and he fought for his land in the Dwarven Army. The two were soon wed and they moved to Rastanar together, where Orik was sent to aid against the Orakin. They had 5 children. Rodur the oldest son. Yurunda, the oldest daughter. Mabrim The middle female. Darthic the youngest boy. and Siba the baby girl. Glorisi was your Average dwarf wife and mother. she spent her days feeding her children, and watching them play. Sewing cloths, and preparing meals. One day She was sitting in her home. the children were all out for the day and Glorisi was sitting by the window looking over a cook book when there was a sharp rapping on the door, she stood, closed the book and tucked it away in one of the pockets in the front of her apron. The dwarf women pulled open the door and stood staring up at a member of the Kings army. he had a solemn look on her face and Glorisi fell into a chair next to the door with her face buried in her hands. She knew why this man was here, and she knew it meant she would never see her husband again. The human bent down and apologized to her, he comforted her as she wept.
Glorisi spent many weeks walking around the house in tears, the dishes piled up and her children went unfed. The oldest Rodur Got a job at a near by butcher shop, while Yurunda took up the duties of taking care of the house. Late one night, after tucking her children into bed Glorisi sat at that table by the window again. she watched the light of the night guard bobbing out side in the street and she decided what she needed to do.
She went into the bedroom that She and her husband once shared and she picked up his hammer. she sat on the bed staring at the hammer until the first rays of the sun shown over the Rastanar harbor. She picked the hammer up and fastened it to her belt. After getting her children ready for the day, she went to the bank and took out a couple golden bars, her families entire savings. later that day she stumbled across an auction. and Sold her bars for money, which she then used to buy her self a suit of armor. Glorisi had decided to provide for her Family in the best way she could think. She sought out a trainer and learned how to fight, defend, and kill. Determined to avenge her husbands death. and to make more then enough gold to send home to her children.
Glorisi set out on her personal Quest.

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