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Zuula of the Pale Mist

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1 Zuula of the Pale Mist on Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:46 am


Name: Zuula of the Pale Mist

Race: Equillre

Age: 16

Height: 7’4”

Weight: 269lbs

Appearance: Zuula is an unusually tall Equillre female. She is a whopping 7’4” with a pair of straight horns growing from her temples and back. The fur that covers her body is pale white while her mane in contrast is raven black. Due to her training her eyes are now of the spirit plane and glow an ethereal white. She has a very curvy figure; her waist is thin while her hips and bust are quite large. Zuula has a kindly face that is often lit with a soft smile. She wears no clothing so that nothing is between her and the elements she loves so much.

Personality: Zuula is an incredibly loving soul. She strives to live in harmony with the world around her and those that live in it. She is very trusting and makes friends with ease always trying to see the best in everyone. Despite the wisdom she has gained as a shaman Zuula is still very naïve in many areas of life. Her reverence for life has lead her to become a vegetarian. Though naive in the matters of love she has noticed a rather strong attraction to those of the same sex.

Location: Her home is the world around her.

Element: Water/Divine

Attributes: Zuula knows much about the natural world. She can survive off the land indefinitely, and is able to create any number of natural medicines out herbs found in the wildernesses of Rylencia. Her eyes were granted to her when she completed her training and allow her to perceive spirit world in addition to the real world. She has learned many methods to achieving a dream state in which she can truly communicate with the spirits around her. Zuula is very fast and likes to run across the open world.

Flaws: Zuula is very claustrophobic and feels uneasy in closed spaces, she is prone to panic attacks when her claustrophobia is in full swing especially when underground. Her tendency to trust people is often taken advantage of.

Abilities: Zuula has trained as a shaman since she was very young and wields the power of nature. Her magic is devoted to nurturing life and healing those who are hurt. Though she does have her limits and when pressed she can use her magic offensively, usually in the form of spirit lightning. Zuula wields the might of the tempest and buffeting winds, but she is a shaman and her true goal is not merely to control the elements but to find the balance between these great forces. By creating harmony between the wind and water Zuula can call forth mist.

Inventory: Zuula carries a satchel with her personal belongings in it, but wears nothing whatsoever nor does she carry weapons other than a dagger more as a tool then as a weapon. Aside from the dagger she also carries a mortar and pestle, a book of herbology, as well as several small totems for communing with her personal spirits.

History: Zuula was born on the plain of Zaladria. Since she was very young she like all in her tribe has been trained as a shaman. From birth she has been recognized as a Pale Ghost, her peoples name for an albino, and she has lived her life with the great expectations and stigma that condition has in her culture. Pale Ghosts are recognized as nearly supernatural beings possessing an affinity for the spiritual that surpasses that of normal Equillre, whether they truly do possess powers beyond that of the rest of their species or if they are simply conditioned by their peoples own expectations to greatness the fact remains that Pale Ghosts have always ranked among the most powerful shamans of their generation. But greatness doesn't equate to goodness and while many Pale Ghosts have become great leaders and defenders of their race others have brought great destruction and pain.

Fifty years before Zuula was born a Pale Ghost named Quwarn of the Pale Storm nearly brought about the complete destruction of the Equillre along with many other races on Relencia. Due to his actions Pale Ghosts are now treated far stricter than they have been in the past to eradicate any violent tendencies. Despite Zuula's own natural goodness she faced hardships throughout her childhood designed to prevent her from developing into the type of monster her people fear. Shortly after becoming a full fledged shaman she was convinced by her childhood friend Zabin to departed from her herd on a Zaazh, a sacred journey of discovery to explore the world as well as her own soul. Since leaving her tribe Zuula has dyed her mane to try and ease the stigma of being a Pale Ghost.

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