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James J4M35

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1 James J4M35 on Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:50 pm

Name: James. Just James. Sans peach of any proportion. Sans cock sword. Maybe J if he had any friends he could remember. Leet for James is J4M35.

Race: Saurian Utahraptor variant

Age: 333 yrs.

Height: 9'2"

Weight: 777 lbs.

Very large with incredible muscle tone. Thick tatooed orange and black and white skin. Colorful feathers, beads, and pieces of cloth cover his body randomly in a very tribal fashion. Wears rather expensive precision spectacles lending him a very comical image.

Personality: Intelligent, practical, less than emotional. He is not afraid to speak out in most cases or take the lead in a situation though he can be both self serving and reserved at times. He is also evasive and secretive, not easily trusting others especially the Humans and Shakadir.

Location: Around. Places. Somewhere. Wherever.

Element: Earth

Attributes: Powerful body, keen intellect, periodic accent.

Flaws: Poor memory. No friends. Diabetus. (people DIE of Diabetus, because there is no insulin) Poor memory.

Abilities: Significant strength speed and durability coupled with deadly natural weapons but no formal training. Brawler techniques.
Geomancy with the ability to shield, armor, and hurt things with levitating rocks. Side effect of flight by standing on lifted rocks. Can drastically alter the landscape in devastating ways.
Astrologer though still learning things and occassionally screwing up.
Part time abortionist to help ease the burden of travel costs and living.

Inventory: Spectacles. Essentials of the traveller. Abortion kit. (are you SERIOUS?)

History: He forgot much of his extensive past but it could not have been very interesting since he is not very well known for all his years of life, either. Fortunately he does not often forget anything related to astrology and science which is a significant part of his life. He has clearly had bad experiences with humans and shakadir which colors his current relationship with anyone of either race today.

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