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The Cities

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The Capital Cities of Rylencia

The Double of Rastanar. It is a large city build on a river, on one side is the Palace and the Nobles, on the other lives the poorer residents of the city. The King is a Lawful man who rules with a heavy fist and favors the many noble and important people living in the city. Guards very often Patrol the streets, and jails dot the city. But below the well patrolled streets is a vast underground. A series of caverns and tunnels stretching underneath the entire city, large enough for horses pulling carts to travel through. The entrance to this part of the city is several well hidden passages all across the town. This underground is ruled by the King of thieves and governed by his thieves guild. There is a massive black market. Anything can be found here if you search hard enough. As well as many people living in small barracks all over the underground.

The mountain city of Dar'grin built inside of a hallowed out Mountain in the Country of Gak'urin This city is also the capital of the country. Though many dwarfs can also be found in the norther mountain ranges as well .

The hidden city of Nomfoodle, when approaching this huge city the land looks like nothing more then hilly farms. But Underneath these farms is a vast network of tunnies and burrows. Constantly changing and being expanded due to a large clockwork digging machine that is Constantly Digging, Breaking down, and being fixed by the many Tinkering Gnomes living in the city.

The Cliff top city of Trenno On the southern cliffs of Zaladria. Its a very open city, Builds very often have no ceiling, Houses are nearly non-existent, instead they live in large clusters of nest, many families living in close proximity to each other. Younger single Avorials will often live in nest clusters near the center of town, often taking roost where ever they land with not much care of owner ship towards the nests. On the out skirts of the City are large Covered buildings, used for refuge during Wind storms.

The Bustling City of Orjak in the country with an ever changing name. The orakin left there tribes and traveled south, after being turned away by the King of Rastanar. They Created there own city across the boarder. The city soon filled with many, chaotic, and evil creatures. The city is rather run down and the streets are always busy, it Is ruled by the biggest strongest Orakin, but changes frequently due to Many Assassinations or to the Warlord Deciding to pick a fight with someone a bit to strong. After establishing them selves, Orjak announced an All out war on Rastanar, and Spends all there money On training armies to take out there enemy.

The Boiling city of Balacrois Located near the Base of a Large Volcano in the south eastern Country. Built on the top of Harden Lava Flats, its very ordered, and Militaristic in the way it runs. They dont waste there time with Decorations, they like things that are Functional or have many purposes. A council of Elected Bal'Alkerii run the city. They live in buildings built from black Volcanic Sand, Saturated with water to create a strong mud which they build square angular buildings with. They often lack doors or windows and Simply just have holes in the walls.

The grand city of Terradrone, Located in the center of a Large Plateau The city exists in a series of Tunnels and Caverns. Instead of Houses and Building, they live in smaller Caverns, that appear natural but were formed by powerful earth magic. It is a very slow moving city, run by a council of the older, and wisest of the Ter'Alkerii. The only way to get into the city is to be shown an entrance from some one on the inside.

The Floating city of. Aurendyl. built on a shinning metal ring that floats around the point of a mountain in the Northern Mountain Range. The city was built on top of the massive ring. When they ran out of space the started building up, in a cone shape. IT now appears as if the mountain has a glistening silver cap on on it. The counsel member taking residence at the very top of the city. People come into Power by getting around the system.

The bubble city of Hydalithia. The grand City is full of Towering pilers and intricate architecture, all build inside magical bubbles underneath the ocean. Many Grand halls and Massive Libraries Dot the city, People are always hurrying around with arms full of Scrolls or books. The Council members of this city come into power based on Very lose elections. The winners often not realizing they were candidates due to being to busy in a book. Most people arn't concerned with laws so the council members don't do much. And there for no one cares who they are.

The Desert City of Agradalgra. Right in the Middle of the the Blackened Desert. The city is White and gold, with a lot of Arches and Domes, Looks very Arabian. There is a very Large Pool with a very large fountian in the middle of it in the center of town that is the city uses for bathing, swimming, laundry and taking water into there houses. The city is run by a Sultan who lives in a very large Palace on in the center of the city. The City uses a lot of Elephants and Camals as Transportation. There is a Vast network of mines under the desert that have Rare gems only found in Volcanic areas, this is how the town makes its money, by mineing and trading these gems.

The Jungle city of Trigarus in the heart of the largest Island Jungle is a very quit city, the building are simple and elegant, made from stone and painted dark Reds, Purples, and Blues, the Large Felines here Live in a Matriarchal Society Following a Queen who lives in a Large Palace. Much of the City is covered either is large over hanging Ceilings, or Awning. Pillows and Cushions, candles, varies nice smelling things, and Fountains ranging from large to small can be found all over the city. There are many Open Shops along the roads, the buildings are very close together and the streets are cramped.

The Floating city of Palendrik, A large collection of Boats tethered together that drifts up and down the coast, there is no real government here many people just doing as they please. Many Small bridges lead boat to boat connecting them all to form the City.

Once a year there is a large gathering, a time for all the tribes to meet up. The Equillre gather to find mates, share stories, trade items. During Every Month of Breath a mass of Animal Skin Tee-pees appear, and then Disappear as if no one has been there. The Giant Gathering is open to all races of Rylencia to participate

Deep in the Jungles of the Crater on Zaladria is the Golden city of Tla-ka'dir . A shinning city build of stones coated in gold. There large buildings are often step pyramids while living quarters tend to be no more then small shacks. The city is built in a large circle around a very large pyramid at the center. Where there leader lives, ruling over the people as a king, and being worshiped as a god.

The Ancient City of Matorus Located on the edge of the Crater and Rumored to be the Oldest city in Rylencia. The city is built of heavy stone. Many small buildings seeming to be scattered at random make up the large city. In the center of the town is an extremely large and quite accurate Model of the Solar System, that Moves and Orbits as the stars do. The City has no known Ruler, the Saurians work together well enough that they dont need any Ruler or king.

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