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Crazy Jin

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1 Crazy Jin on Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:27 am

Name: "Crazy" Jin

Race: God of Chaos and Comerce

Age: As he is a god they tend to not age

Height:Varies in extremes from day to day

Weight: Like about varies greatly.

Appearance: Jin as he is a god can shape shift but unlike most gods he doesn't either know or care that he is a god and doesn't really choose his looks so he has to main looks. One is a long lanky think wiry look tall looks sorta like an emaciated alkerii, and the other is a short squat little thing reminiscent of a gnome. With both body types he wears the same clothing a long patched faded royal red robe, a smock stained a myriad or colors and singed to the point that it seems it was at one point on fire for a good hour (in fact it probably was) an over large conical wide brimmed hat (like a sedge hat but much wider) made for a single giant leaf with a small slash in it form an accident long ago forgotten and his large rimed thick goggles which always seem to catch the light just right to give them a reflective almost eyeless look.

Personality:Well in essence he is the somewhat perturbed shop keeper, a little unhinged perhaps but in a harmless and sorta endearing way.

Location:Crazy Jins location is both an easy and an Impossible question to answer. He himself resides in his shop "Crazy Jins Mysterious potions And Magical Curio Emporium". that's the easy part as for where that shop is... the answer to that is yes. The shop jumps around in the world never in the same spot each day. One day he could open his shop to the bustling city of Rastanar and the next he could pop out to the howling snow driven winds on the top of a desolate mountain only to appear in the middle of a turbulent ocean the next.


Attributes: Crazy Jin has no small talent for alchemy as well as figuring out just what someone will need in the near future. Ever the shopkeeper he is great at getting someone to buy from him not to mention that he is a god and everything that comes with that.

Flaws: Well he might be a bit prideful but can you blame him for having a successful business? Oh and he is completely insane but that neither here nor there.

Abilities:Crazy Jin doesn't fight, ever, its just not his way. he has an Impeccable memory in fact probably the best ever. how else is he going to know the inventory of his shop? On the subject of his shop, Though it appears as a smallish single story shop on the outside inside is more its own dimension every time you lose something it goes there till it shows up again unless Jin happens to sell it then your never seeing it again. in all realms and realitys dose this shop exist and therefore one might expect to find ANYTHING in there from an enchanted sword or runed bow to a German Luger or desert eagle to a light bulb or the left shoe from a low class no name ninja.

Inventory: Yes

History:Crazy Jin has a relatively short story he just has always been around collecting and selling anythign that comes through his shop.

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