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Andrea Wilson

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1 Andrea Wilson on Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:20 am


Name: Andrea Wilson

Race: Human/God

Age: 29

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 166

Appearance: Andy is cute, but it is a very dark cuteness. Her face while pretty is usually twisted in an expression of hatred or loathing. Her natural hair color is blond but she usually dyes it; it's currently short and blond after being burnt away. Her eyes have dull gray irises and her pupils are more grayish than black making it hard distinguish where they meet. These eyes make Andy seem unfocused giving anyone she looks at the impression that she isn’t listening to them or that she’s blind. She is incredibly fit and well muscled though she has an ever present slouch that makes her seem shorter and in less than perfect shape. She usually wears all black clothes adorn with leather straps and chains. She has thirteen piercings in all, seven in her ears(four on the left, three on the right), one in her tongue, two in her bellybutton, one on each nipple, and one in her cunt. Andy recently had most of her flesh and tattoos burned off for now she has a bio-hazard symbol on her right butt check, bits of a large yin-yang symbol on her back, and writing resembling barbed wire on her stomach that says d s, and ro ol .

Personality: Andy is rebellious. She sees everything and everyone as something to oppose. She derides and ridicules practically everything she encounters. She is a brutal nihilist believing in nothing and fascinated by death. The tattoo on her stomach sums up her code of living; sex before drugs and drugs before music. Andy has a very addictive personality and is an alcoholic, a nymphomaniac, and abuses several other illicit substances. Andy has several tattoos and piercings, this interest boarders on stigmatophilia.

Location: Rastanar

Element: Divine

Attributes: Andy is a very good musician. Her ability to play the guitar is truly amazing. She’s also a decent singer and often does back-up vocals in addition to her guitar playing. Due to her extensive band history Andy knows most of the musicians that live or have lived in Rastanar. She's also on friendly terms with some f the lower dregs of the city. Andy's regeneration has made her extremely resistant to alcohol.

Flaws: Andy is unhinged. Her father was schizophrenic and the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. She has an unhealthy obsession with death and has contemplated suicide on more than one occasion. She is very self destructive abusing drugs and alcohol to dangerous degrees. She has a form of ADHD which is the byproduct of her enhanced reflexes making it very hard for her sit still and learn.

Abilities: Andy has recently begun to develop several powers linked to her divine heritage. Every facet of her human abilities have been increased to stunning levels. Her strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and senses all far exceed normal human limits. Though the greatest increase in ability Andy has experienced is the boost to her natural healing rate. Andy can regenerate from even mortal wounds over the span of minutes. This coupled with Andy’s masochistic tendencies makes her extremely hard to take down.

Inventory: Andy usually carries several weapons on her. She’s almost never without a rather large knife tucked away in her boot. She has a fondness for machetes, axes, and hammers and generally keeps some combination of these on her to hack, slash, and bash anyone who pushes her too far. Also if she can get them Andy will make use guns. Andy uses a Gibson Explorer that she carries with her almost everywhere.

History: Andy’s father was schizophrenic. For all his life Wade was watched by his family who tried to keep control over his psychotic tendencies, but it didn’t help much. One day Wade was beaten half to death in a brutal bar fight. He was immediately rushed to a healer and revived but he was technically dead for over a minute. After this experience Wade became obsessed with death. He claimed that when he died he had meet death and had fallen in love with her. He tried to commit suicide several times as his family redoubled their efforts to control him. Eventually Wade was able escape them and disappeared. A year later he was found in an inn with his wrists slashed and a baby. Wade's brother and his wife decided to adopt the baby and name her Andrea. They never found out who the mother was.
Andy was raised by her uncle and aunt. They were good people but after a lifetime of experience with her father Andy’s uncle was determined that she would grow up normal. But this didn’t work. In fact every attempt her uncle and aunt made to insure her mental stability backfired on them. She developed a rebellious attitude and began delving into darker cultures. Eventually she developed a love of music favoring death metal in particular. Andy eventually moved away from her uncle and aunt moving around quite a bit. She had most recently been living in Rastanar. Andrea has been part of many bands and while some have been good none have become really big. Up until recently she was the lead guitarist and backup singer of a small unknown band named Anal Tongue Darts.
Up until recently Andy was just a normal though very violent girl. That changed when a woman appeared at her door claiming to be her mother. She also claimed that she was a goddess of the underworld named Hel and that Andy had as yet untapped power from her divine heritage. While Andy quickly dismissed the woman over the next few days she began to feel different and began to exhibit extraordinary powers. After being examined by several priests and other divine scholars they concluded that she truly was the product of one mortal and one divine parent. Since meeting her “mother” Andy’s divine side has begun to develop at a startling pace.

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2 Re: Andrea Wilson on Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:12 am


All i have to say is "Dude.... WAT"
Death Metal?



Srsly..... O_o

were you stoooned?

*facepaws and just walks away*

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3 Re: Andrea Wilson on Tue Nov 17, 2009 8:43 pm


Yes I am I should of taken some of that out though. Sorry I've had this char floating around for a while and I thought that with the whole gods thing she'd fit here but I need to get rid of some stuff like the dna testing.

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4 Re: Andrea Wilson on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:11 am


lol we were so confused >,<

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