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Silvenya The Gun Slinging Alchemist

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1 Silvenya The Gun Slinging Alchemist on Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:35 pm






48 pounds

On of the shortest Kejeek, Silvenya comes form a swamp family. Her skin is slick and smooth, almost slimy at times. she is mostly black, with a dark blue under belly, and lighter blue spots across her body, She has no hair, just a dark blue strip going across the middle of her head and down her neck, her face is short and rounded. She has a Short cute little tail with barley touches the ground behind her. The Newt girl wears no cloths, just a simple leather harness with three straps one going over her chest, one under, and one at her waist, they are connected my straps going down her sides. she also wears leather circlets around her neck, wrists, upper arms, ankles, one thigh, and three along her tail. around her waist hang, mostly plain, pouches. Its hard to tell how many there are cause they mostly just mush together. and in the leather strap around the upper thigh of her left leg is an intricately carved dagger with a slightly curving blade and runes carved into its black handle.

Silvenya is quirky and a bit absent minded, she often has no idea what is going on around here, and takes thing extremely literally. she is a gentle innocent girl with a love for nature.
She likes her Skin slick and is often found wiping her self down with a damp cloth, she also takes great enjoyment out of the fact that she can lick her own eyeball, and often does so infront of the other races to freak them out.

Sivenya was born into a small village built on swamp in the northern part of Zaladria. She traveled to the forest south of the swamp and spent many years wandering the trees. Eventually she left and found her self in the middle of NomFoodle. Now she lives on the road.

Air, Arcane

She is very fast and can dart around quickly. the pads on her fingers and toes are sticky allowing her to move quicker by pulling her self were she wants to go instead of just stepping, this also allows her to climb up walls and on ceilings since she weighs so little. Her bite is poisonous though many wouldnt know because she rarely gets close enough to sing her fangs into something.She knows a lot about the magic of Nature and uses things she finds to create potions. she is also rather adept at fixing and maintain her two Potion Guns, having memorized the placement of the intricate gears and levers she can take it completely apart and reassemble it very very quickly.

Sivlenyas soft flesh makes it very easy for her to be squished. and her quirky personality doesnt help her get out of danger. she is often to busy staring at some random object then paying attention to whats going around her. Her absentmindedness and the way she takes everything literally also makes it very hard for others to communicate with her.

She makes Potions, collecting things from the world around her to mix together, She then puts the potions into small vials that can be loaded into her two Potion Guns, when she pulls the trigger the vile floods into a small chamber and she uses her magic to transform the potion into a spell which then shoots out of the gun. she darts around the battle field peppering her enemies with various spells, and occasionally shooting her teammates with a healing potion.

Her Two Potion Guns
Various parts to repair her weapons
Many many herbs and potion ingredients
An alchemist kit
Potion bottles
Gun vials
her knife
a few books about potions
travelers gear

Silvenya was born into a small clutch of only 4 kajeek. She was raised in a Two built on stilts deep in the swamps of norther Zaladria, Most of the other kids found her odd and often didnt pay her much notice. When she was young she left her family and traveled south, finding her way into the forest. not long after she discovered a small clan of druids living amongst the trees. they took her in and taught her the magic of nature, she learned that everything has energy, and she learned how to use that energy, she quickly discovered a love for making potions. she spent a few years in the forest before deciding she wanted to move on. She left towards the west this time and soon found her self in the middle of the Gnome city NomFoodle. She was fascinated by the gears and levers and contraptions. She spent a few months among the gnomes and came into possession of her two potion guns, she learns to use and repair them. and set out into the world. looking for, she doesnt even know what.

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2 Re: Silvenya The Gun Slinging Alchemist on Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:36 pm


Silvenyas Guns.

Link to full picture

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3 Re: Silvenya The Gun Slinging Alchemist on Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:54 pm


Yay! A mostly naked scaly gun-mage. I approve.

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4 Re: Silvenya The Gun Slinging Alchemist on Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:56 pm


hahah =^_^= ya, i got a chance to play her a bit around halloween. im about to post with her. she its lotsa fun. i love my guns lol

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