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Emanyuehlehzeekielraphat a.k.a. Gaurdian of God's Buried Secret a.k.a. "The Rabbit" a.k.a. Eman

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Name: Emanyuehlehzeekielraphat a.k.a. Gaurdian of God's Buried Secret a.k.a. "The Rabbit" a.k.a. Eman
Race: Rakaphit
Age: Unknown, appears in teens
Height: 3ft
Weight: 70 lbs
Appearance: An unusual white furred Rakaphit with black eyes and long white furred ears setting him apart from the rest of the race. His teeth are large and razor sharp, more dangerous than the average predator and Eman has used these as weapons quite frequently in him.. mission. He wears a white furred cloak and a short linen robe/tabard gimmick with a decorative red cross emblazoned across the chest. Eman also possesses a beatifully crafted silver helm that is either invisible or vanishes mysteriously unless he is actively wearing it. Around his neck is an amulet that cannot seem to be removed from his person neither by force or trickery nor can Eman choose to be rid of it. It is a large emerald green stone on a silver chain which glows and burns with an otherworldly fire when Eman is "needed".
Personality: Eman has a strangeness about him, an unpredictability originating from a mind that does not work the same way as those of this day and age. He talks in many strange ways, too, using various words and accents unfarmiliar to those around him. There is an aura of danger around him at all times as if he might snap and murder someone at any moment which is not an unreasonable fear as it often actually happens. Yet despite his violent tendencies he always seems to have some mysterious purpose to each killing and oddly enough he is rarely questioned by the law almost as if he bears divine protection that cannot be doubted.
Location: Unless he is needed as Guardian Eman is free to wander as he chooses and often does so, preferring land over his sea based brethren.
Element: Divine-Wrath
Attributes: The good at heart look upon Eman and see a very cute and adorable little creature that warms their hearts. These people are not very disturbed or afraid when they see Eman kill.
The evil at heart look upon Eman and become terrified and see a twisted sociopathic monster beyond their wildest dreams. These people are either killed by Eman or flee town when Eman kills.
Those of near equal good and evil are disturbed by Eman's presense but not particularly terrified. Often when these people witness a killing by Eman they tend to err more on the side of good deeds for a time.
Flaws: Eman is not the master of his destiny and must abide by the will of some other mysterious force. He is often called upon at inconvenient times as Guardian or as an instrument of death. Eman finds it very difficult to understand and relate to people.
Abilities: Divine flames of wrath, a spell that generates an incredible level of heat that Eman can manipulate but when used in more than bursts it quickly chews through all of Emans energy.
Clouding sands of doubt, a spell that is easy to maintain for long periods of time using little energy but it takes time for the abrasive sands to accumulate damage. Mostly it is good for obscurring vision and damage over time in an area of effect. Dirt works as a fine substitute for actual sand.
Silimancy: A rare magical technique utilizing the above spells as basic tools. Eman forges glass in whatever size and shape he likes and controls this glass as a disposable ranged or melee weapon. He can also create shields of glass and when his creations break he can use the shards of broken glass as he sees fit, even creating deadly storms if he wishes. Silimancy takes much power and control to use but it turns Eman into a practical death machine.
Lacking the option of magic Eman has no problem launching himself through the air at incredible speed and shearing through enemies flesh with his huge nasty sharp teeth.
Inventory: Amulet. Helm.
Eman is immortal though he can still be killed. When killed his corpse is teleported to the secret cave of which he is the divine guardian and here he must remain for a minimum of one week often a whole month until he can leave the caves boundaries again. Eman was designated by some as of yet unnamed god to guard a secret hidden within the cave from all who are not worthy. This so far has turned out to be EVERYONE and the area around this cave in the middle of nowhere is littered in bones. Sometimes Eman stays at the cave and waits for seekers to come and take the test for months or years at a time. Other times Eman is away when new adventurers are away and in moments like this the amulet teleports him to the cave to conduct his duties. It does not return him back to where he was at the time however and this can be most inconvenient sometimes. Frtunately due to the legends surrounding this cave and the boneyard around it few dare to approach it these days and Eman is mostly free to do as he pleases. Unless of course his god needs him for divine retribution which is not particularly often but still, same idea. Eman has no choice at times like these though he does not seem very upset by the lack of freedom.

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