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Nemesis/ Dix-Neuf

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1 Nemesis/ Dix-Neuf on Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:39 am


Name: Nemesis, Dix-Neuf, Bartok, Vissarion, Shebalin,

Race: Gnome

Age: 7

Height: 2’3”

Weight: 45lbs

Appearance: Nemesis is small and spritely. He’s little more than a child even by gnome standards. He has short spiky maroon hair and grayish eyes.

Personality: Nemesis is very immature, evident by the fact that he likes to be called Nemesis. He is in fact a child genius and this status has gone to his head. He’s extremely arrogant and selfish with a bit of a cruel streak. He refuses to be treated like a kid no matter what.

Location: Nomfoodle

Element: Arcane

Attributes: Nemesis is an extremely skilled engineer. His best discipline is robotics. He has also learned a form of magic that has allowed him to create a pocket dimension in his shadow.

Flaws: He really is an incredible douche bag. Despite his advanced technology he is physically very weak.

Abilities: Nemesis fights using his machines. He has created a number of suits of powered battle armor. He can either utilize them as surprise attacks from out of his shadow or bring one fully out to wear in battle.

Inventory: His powered armor. Various tools and spare parts.

History: Nemesis was born Dix-Neuf or number 19 in his family. He was a rather neglected child and buried himself in learning engineering. As soon as he thought he was ready to leave home he left. But not before blowing up part of his house.

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2 Re: Nemesis/ Dix-Neuf on Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:42 pm

That's just the kind of spirit I like to see! Come! Have a beer with me, kid. Let's blow random crap up!

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