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Jade whyisthereaminimumletter#fortitles?

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1 Jade whyisthereaminimumletter#fortitles? on Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:37 am


Name: Jade

Race: Human

Age: 893 appears 32

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 123lbs.

Appearance: Jade is quite beautiful. She has long black hair and bright almost otherworldly green eyes. She’s somewhat short in stature and has a svelte figure. She has a tattoo of an ouroboros that covers most of her body. Jade has accumulated several wardrobes full of clothing over the centuries, as such she likes to wear a wide variety of different outfits. Jade usually has a smile on her face even when angry or sad. She can convey practically any emotion through a smile or her face can be completely impassive.

Personality: Jade is a hedonist. She lives her life purely for pleasure. Her personality reflects to a certain extent all the elements. She still has the earthen steady resolve that served her in her first 88 years. Though kept in check more or less she can display an intense fiery passion. After her many years of life Jade has learned to be patient and go with the flow. She is a very flighty and playful person similar to wind elementals. Jade is a very nurturing person for those who she likes and has used her vast wealth to help them. Though kind she is also very manipulative and is willing to trick, lie and mislead her friends and enemies. Jade pursues wisdom in everyday life learning from those she comes into contact with and tries to impart her own wisdom to others. Even if she spends her life immersed in the company of others Jade is always slightly apart.

Location: Jade owns several homes across the globe from small cottages to sprawling mansions. Nowadays though she spends most of her time at her bar The Snarky Demon.

Element: Earth

Attributes: Jade is a master alchemist. Though she doesn’t practice it as her primary career and prefers to downplay her skills she’s an alchemist of the kind of genius that comes along only once every hundred years; though this title is from several hundred years ago. Jade has had a wide variety of lesser interests over the years such as bartending, financing, art, music, underworld politics, actual politics (is there a difference?), and basket weaving just to name a few. Though besides alchemy her greatest skill is love making. Jade has done just about anything imaginable with just about every race and sex imaginable. After so many orgies she’s pretty good at making people cum..

Flaws: Jade is a very calm and collected individual. But she does have her problems as any plus 500 individual should. She keeps her past and true age a secret from all but her closest lovers to prevent people knowing who she is exactly. 888 years of experience also means 888 years of crap. While she has learned to keep her darker memories at bay from time to time her defenses do lower, during these times she can spend days sobbing.

Abilities: Jade is a lover. But she’s also a fighter. Jade wasn’t that violent to begin with but in her long life she’s learned to defender herself and now greatly enjoys fighting and taking the lives of her enemies. Jade has learned a number of martial arts over the long years and can skillfully make use of just about any weapon though her favorite is her Jian. Jades greatest resource is her experience. She fights smart often using styles and techniques to unbalance her opponents and get around their guard before ending them in a few swift strikes.

Inventory: The philosopher’s stone worn as a necklace. ∝ gold. Jian with Diamond Blade.

History: Jade was born long ago. For as long as anyone can remember her family were alchemists. They had toiled for centuries in vain to create the legendary philosopher’s stone. Jade grew up with the stone as the only thing she cared about. She spent her whole life studying alchemical equations and attempting to create the stone. She continued this pursuit for 88 years when finally she created the stone. As she looked upon the small red stone in her hand she realized that her life and the lives of her entire family had been wasted. She decided then that she would use the stone to finally live her life. She drank the elixir of life to restore her to her youth then found the nearest bar got drunk and had an orgy.

Not sure if I'm gona rp Jade just yet but she's one of my favorite characters. Maybe she'll just end up as an npc or random bystander.

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2 Re: Jade whyisthereaminimumletter#fortitles? on Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:38 pm

And oh would not Jyobanyja and Jade amuse and entertain eachother to no end? Surely the junkyard scrapeheap is entertainment enough on her own, why not go overboard and flood our senses with absurdity until we need to be medicated and/or hospitalized for having too much fun? What do you say? Punch a few kittens and stomp a few weasles with me? Who would say no to blowing random crap up?

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3 Re: Jade whyisthereaminimumletter#fortitles? on Sun Nov 01, 2009 5:25 am


Wow I just read through your post liker and only one word got through to me.


But yeah sounds like fun.

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4 Re: Jade whyisthereaminimumletter#fortitles? on Mon Nov 02, 2009 6:55 pm

*smiles pleased with self and your response* Well good old Jojo is in that city spitting on children. *goes back to thinking about eggs and blowing random crap up*

*explodes an weasle* Oops. Meant to step on that.

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5 Re: Jade whyisthereaminimumletter#fortitles? on Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:22 am


There is not enough hotness on this site! So I give you front and back representations of Jade's oroboros tattoo. You can thank photoshop and whoever these two girls are.

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