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Genra Rylon

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1 Genra Rylon on Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:14 pm

Name: Genra


Age: Apparent 24



Appearance:Genra is a large man Standing over ever the tallest of the Bal'Alkerii. His long dirty blond hair that flows down nearly his entire back is usually pulled back into a pony tail. His eyes are a deep crimson, with slitted pupils. Across his head as 9 small protrusions of seeming charcoal . His body is ripped with muscles and usually covered in heavy metal armor. The Meticulously decorated Plate is well kept and shinny, it fits him well, molded to his body after years of use, though it looks almost new. Gauntlets protect his forearms,decorated to match his armor, each has 2 slender razor edged blades attached to each that look like long claws. He wears a sheath on his back, holding a very large blade ready to be pulled free at any moment.

Genra is gruff and to the point tending to say little and rely more on action.

Location:The road is his home.

Element: Fire

Attributes: Here stands a man built for war. He is a professional warrior and thrives in combat. Genra has a knack for philosophy though few would believe it from the way he carries himself

Flaws:Like his stature his anger is prodigious, though not to quick to anger he holds grudges a long time and doesn't stop very easily.

Abilities: The gigantic sword on his back is his primary weapon though he can readily use any weapon he picks up. he uses the dual claws defensively to trap and catch opponents weapons. along with his weapons he uses many fire type attack moves

Inventory: Along with the large diamond sword strapped to his back and his meticulously cared for armor he carries a small ceremonial obsidian short sword and his clawed gauntlets as well as his huge windmill shuriken

History:Genras story has been lost a long time and he doesn't like talking much about it. But he was born into a small village hidden in a volcano where the elders were experimenting with a new type of magic. sealing demons into living people to use as weapons. Genra was one of the few survivors of the process and immediately put into training where he was treated as an animal for the first part of his life. The demon inside him offered him a deal "I'll get you out and give you more power than you can dream of and in return you work with me and help me get a body again. He accepted and Valacore came into being, who then sunk the small village into the volcano leaving no one and sending Genra on the start of his journey.

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2 Re: Genra Rylon on Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:16 am



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3 Re: Genra Rylon on Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:04 am


Yay I remember this guy.

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4 Re: Genra Rylon on Fri Oct 30, 2009 4:23 pm

Jyobanyja remembers Genre. But not I, Tim the Enchanter! *blows up random crap*

P.S. At 8'2" 290 lbs would make him a stick figure. Keep in mind gorillas, not even taller than humans in most cases, weigh in at 800 easily. The great Kali, what's he, 7'+? 420 lbs?

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