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Joh bahn yah

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1 Joh bahn yah on Tue Oct 27, 2009 3:46 am

Name: Jyobanyja the exiled hag
Race: Equillre
Age: 90
Height: 7ft
Weight: 386lbs
Appearance: Imagine one of those many scapheaps in the common junkyard siloetted by the light of the setting sun until it looks like some kind of nightmare creature. There you go. You've got an idea of what Jyobanyja looks like. She's lost most of her fur and all her good looks to the wasting effects of old age and her crippling obsession with using her experimental technology on herself. She smells really bad, too, and her natural senses are pretty much all shot.
Personality: Somehow by miracle or the pity of some very powerful god Jyobanyja is not only still alive but possesses a very sharp mind. She is insane of course but in a sharp minded way. Yeah. Have fun figuring that one out. One way or another she is convinced she is either going to rule, destroy, change, or at least make a few interesting things for the world and she is dedicated to any one of these things at any given time.
Location: The Beige Box, a haphazard moving home that is as much a hulking monstrosity as she herself is. Originally iron dark Jyobanyja felt this was a depressing color and paited it beige, feeling this was more fun and festive.
Element: The metals of the earth and the flames of passion are the driving forces behind Jyobanyja's madness.
Attributes: Ridiculously intelligent she is an inventor centuries ahead of her time though she lacks a fine tuned scientific process and expansive basis for comparison available to us modern day mad scientists.
Flaws: She is old, delusional, has no shame, and her intellect is often her downfall. Her mechanical body also requires a lot of maintenance, updating, oiling, tweaking, fine tuning, more tweaking, explosion repair... etc. All in all she is not well off and things are not going well for her, nor have they ever gone well. She is a 90 year old virgin to add insult to injury.
Abilities: If it can be made she can build it. Should she live long enough she will almost certainly invent the atom bomb and then we're all --------
Inventory: Lots and lots of tools and by proxy all sorts of potential weapons.
History: Her people believed in nature. Jyobanyja placed her faith in science. See the problem here? Her people placed their hooved to her ass and she has since been known as an exile but long ago she stopped caring. She has built a lot of crazy shit since then and is at least partially responsible for more than one war. A few species of animal may also have been wiped out by some of her more grand experiments. Generally her name or at least her reputation has become well known and she is shunned and turned away wherever she goes. She does not really care about any of those things either. She continues to create and experiment and as her organic body wastes away she finds new and better ways to keep it going. She was once beautiful but now is very not and she does not care about being either. She only cares that her physical husk persists so that her mind may continue. She also cares about money. A little funding never hurt any mad scientists demented hair-brained what-the-fuck-were-you-thinking-!? plots and schemes.

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