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Jynx Cirynx The Whimsical Lynx

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1 Jynx Cirynx The Whimsical Lynx on Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:57 pm


Name: Jynx Cirynx

Race: Shir'Van (Lynx)

Age: 29

Height: 4'7

Weight: 98 lbs

Appearance: Jynx has a very slender, flexible body, allowing her to move and bend in ways most people cannot, her fur is a very light gray, which she often tints to a soft pink color. A few Black markings run down her back, and she has long black tufts on her ears. Her eyes are a brilliant yellow, and her whiskers often take on a pink appearance as well. Her tail is fairly short, and stripped with short fur, and a band tied around the tip with a bell hanging from it. Over her short fur she wears a skin tight Leotard, of turquoise and purple. Her curling toed boots are of matching color and have sever bells hanging off each, over her ears she wears jesters hat with three very long points, one pink, one purple, and one turquoise, that each have a bell at the end. around her wrists are pink ribbons that match the one on her tail, both with jingle bells attached.

Personality: Jynx is a fun loving woman who takes great delight in seeing others laugh, and loves to be the cause of it. Often juggling random objects with in arms reach, or contorting her self into a knot for the amusement of on lookers, she is rather flighty, and you cant expect her to do the same thing twice, And will often go out of her way just to confuse you.

Location: Jynx Once Lived in the Castle in Rastanar but now spends her days traveling

Element: Wind

Attributes: She makes a great distraction if your in need of one, she is also very talented at folding her self in previously unimaginable ways. She is also a great Juggler. Unknown to most people Jynx has a vast knowledge of Politics and the Nobles in Rastanar

Flaws: Recently Jynx has developed a slight drinking problem, Though she most certainly has complete control over it and can stop any time shed like. though it tends to make her a bit less reliable them before.

Abilities: Jynx has a rather unique fighting Style, her Chosen weapons are her two puppets, a small black cat, and a larger Calico cat. they are classic Jesters puppets, flopping around on a stick. She dances and moves quickly around the battle Hitting People over the head with the maces inside. though more often she prefers to keep her self out of the battle, carrying, extremely heavy juggling balls, Razor edged metal rings, and Dagger blades with hilts of ribbons,which she Juggles before throwing them at her targets.

Her Puppets
Juggling Items
She also often carries aroudn a large trunk filled with an assortment of random objects then often change, so you never know what she may pull out.

History: Jynx left her home on the southern islands as a young girl, she sailed over the sea and hit port in Rastanar, Growing up on the streets, and Busked to make money, Starting out simply contorting her self, and later moving on to her juggling acts. As she grew in years she also grew in Popularity, when she was a young woman, the king sent for her and asked her to perform in his court, she of course excepted immediately, though didnt know what she was getting her self into, the king had a young son, and thought he needed a body guard. He had Jynx trained to fight with a mace and had her two beautifully crafted puppets made to mask the fact that she was always armed. She spent many long years in the castle watching the prince grow, making him laugh, and keeping him safe. but once the prince reached his young teen years he grew board of Jynxs juggling act and came to favor a new Animal trainer that the king had brought into his court. Jynx was let go from the royal court, and moved out of the castle immediately that night she found her self in a tavern, Thoroughly drunk and being convinced to go on some monster slaying mission by some Dwarf. in her heavily inebriated state, she agreed and found it quite thrilling. the next morning she decided that she would continue to Go on such mission untill she saved up enough money to be living comfortably again, though she has a hard time saving money these days as she spends much of it on mead.

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2 Re: Jynx Cirynx The Whimsical Lynx on Tue Oct 27, 2009 2:48 am

The name Jynx Cirynx the whimsical lynx sounds like a limeric in the way it flows. And now for some interpretations of a series of simple emoticons. What a Face affraid elephant

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