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Alopex the Wanderer

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1 Alopex the Wanderer on Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:05 am


Name: Alopex the Wanderer

Race: Human

Age: 25

Height: 5’113/4”

Weight: 200lbs

Appearance: White skin, shoulder length straight black hair, stubble, dark blue eyes. Wears a battered black trench coat, a multi colored mask, Hawaiian shirts, baggy pants, shoulder holsters, and a gun belt with a large ornate spell gun on the right hip and a sword on the left. If you’ve seen what I look like just think that with weapons.

Personality: Alopex is a living testament to why the mentally ill should be locked up. He acts in a chaotic manner and desperately tries to avoid making any sense. While unhinged Alopex is pretty shrewd and tends to act intelligently. His mind is split into two personalities, his own and that of his Dæmon Kyaroscuro. Kya is the order to Alopex’s chaos, his rational side and his conscience. While separate the two are still intricately connected and share a strong link at all times.

Location: ^The Wanderer

Element: Arcane

Attributes: Alopex is a skilled enchanter. He also has theoretical knowledge of advanced technology though lacks the practical skill of a true engineer. Alopex has a peculiar magical ability that has let him split his soul into two separate bodies with separate minds. The other half of his soul is named Kyaroscuro and takes the form of an arctic fox with light blue eyes. She has all the senses of a normal fox yet Kya and Alopex still have a mental link that allows them to act as one.

I don’t have any flaws.

Yes you do.
Like what?
You’re psychotic.
Oh yeah…

Abilities: Alopex is a skilled gunman. He is an incredibly good shot and dual wields his revolvers with impunity. He possesses great magical ability and can create nearly any magical effect he wants. But his magic does have limits, he constructs spells rather than cast them making the creation of these spells a lengthy process. To overcome his weak casting speed he creates spells and seals them into bullets that he can fire from his spell gun as needed. He also crafts spells into equipment to create enchanted items such as his vest, shirt, and mask. At close range Alopex fight with his sword, while Kya contributes by fighting with tooth and claw.

Inventory: 2 slide pistols, mental power mask, spell gun with 3 chambers, The Champion Sword, Hawaiian shirt enchanted to give special defense, under vest enchanted to give armor.

History: Alopex has a long and very interesting history. However since most of it supposedly happened across a vast number of parallel dimensions nobody usually believes him so why bother telling it.

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2 Re: Alopex the Wanderer on Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:15 am


Guns in my Rylencia? >< *sigh* as long as there 'spell' guns, i suppose lol also, i LoL'd at your flaw

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