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1 Babajanian on Sun Oct 18, 2009 2:13 am


Name: Babajanian

Race: Sha-ka'dir

Age: 23

Height: 7feet

Weight: 170

Appearance: Babajanian is a Sha-ka'dir of average height. He has light gray skin, yellow eyes and short dreadlocks. His horns are average length for Sha-ka'dir his age. One of his front canines is black with crystalline sparkles having come from his mace.

Personality: Babajanian is very devoted to his gods. He’s a quiet individual with a slight superiority complex due to his superhuman abilities.

Location: A small village the Jungle Crater in the middle of Zaladrai.

Element: Divine

Attributes: Babajanian is very skilled at using his telekinetic powers. He’s also trained in a variety of his peoples voo-doo rituals and as a warrior.

Flaws: Babajania greatest flaw is overconfidence and his blind devotion to the gods.

Abilities: Babajanian is a telekinetic master. He can use his telekinesis in any number of ways for both offense and defense. He’s also quite skilled in hand to hand combat. Though not one of his abilities he can beseech the spirit of his uncle for assistance and gain access Harutyuni’s ability of transmutation. He also has a telepathic link with his twin sister Riful.

Inventory: Mace made out of Harutyuni’s crystalmetalic skull, Saurian skin and bone armor, bone darts, ceremonial skull opening dagger.

History: Babajanian comes from a tribe that believes in the untapped potential of the brain. They seek to increase their brain function in order to come closer to the gods. When Bajanian was young a precog named Usutu predicted that he would one day be the disciple of a powerful telekinetic god. The prediction of his potential caused his tribe leaders to train him and bestow on him a mace made from the skull of his uncle Harutyuni. When living in his village Babajanian was closest to his twin sister Riful.

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2 Re: Babajanian on Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:15 am


You think up good names for them o.o .. Im... surprised.. =)

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