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Skantra UnderRoots

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1 Skantra UnderRoots on Fri Oct 16, 2009 6:38 am


Name: Skantra UnderRoots

Race: Shir'Van


Height: 2'7"

Weight: 28 lbs

Appearance: Skantra is short and very lithe she has a slender body and a small chest, her fur is short and shiny, the color a soft gray with dark gray Markings on it. She wears stripes on her face and limbs, while her body is covered in gentle swirling patterns. Her Ears have black tufts on the tip of them, and her Striped tail is Long and Puffed. Her eyes are Stone gray, yet pierce through the darkness like daggers. She carries herself with Dignity and near elegance. Over her fur she simply wears and Black Catsuit that clings tight to her skinny body allowing her to move and hide freely. Hanging on her curved hips is a slanted leather belt with a few pouches hanging from it. She has a total of 21 small delicate blades strapped across her tiny body. Over the spandex and Daggers she wears a heavy Flowing Red Robe, made up with many, many layers and sewn with Chain mail between the layers. Many small slits are hidden in the folds of the Decorated robe allowing Skantra quick access to her sharp blades. Oh her head covering only one ear she wears a Red pointed, and bent wizards hat. And is often seen carry around a false spell book, filled with nothing more then scribblings.

Skantra is, for lack of all better words, a Bitch. She insits that things go according to her plan and will make it happen. She is Extraordinarily loyal to those she is closest to and will not hesitate to cut your purse adn stab you in the back if you make her unhappy. She enjoys the Comforts in life, choosing to laze about all day, and sleep on cushions when she finds the time, but is equally happy in a dirty dungeon picking the lock of a treasure chest. She loves all things Shiny and will do most anything to get the things she wants. Her Lifes goal is to Steal a Dragons horde.

Location: The underground of Rastanar is the place Skantra truly calls home, Among the Thieves guild which she hopes one day to be the King of. Though she has spent much of her Life traveling with Various Shir'Van caravans and has seen much of Rylencia.


Skantra is a Rogue at heart, excelling at picking locks and disabling traps, her quick reflexes help her avoid the traps she cant disable and her Quick Tongue (or a flash of cleavage) help her get around locks she cant pick.

She is Terribly afraid of spiders due to events of her past, and tends to have problems when ever Switches, buttons, of levers become involved, Often taking all her self Control not to neglect her rogue training, and succumb to her curiosity to pull the lever with out thinking.

Her Fighting style is Quick, and often She stays hidden in the shadows only emerging to strike her opponent then darting back. She works best with a Partner preferring to flank her target and stay behind them, making it easier to make quick work of the enemy with her blades. She is also Very skilled in Lock Picking, Disabling, adn Setting up traps, Handling Poisons, Manipulation People, and Stealing. .. Especially stealing.

21 Daggers.
Various Poisons.
Many.. Many magical items
a fair amount of jewelry
as well as a plethora of seemingly useless things that she manages to use.

That is a Long, Long story, better left for another time.

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