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Race – Saurians

Favored element – Order

Lifespan – 900-1100 years.

Size – 3 – 10 feet

Appearance – Varies greatly depending on from which Dinosaur an individual evolved.
Habitat – the Jungle Crater and Surrounding Plains area on Zaladria

Capitol – Matorus

Personality – The Saurian are a slow acting race. Taking there time to make decisions even as small as what to say next. They live for a very long time allowing them More then enough time for everything in life. They are a very intelligent race as a whole they have at the very least dipped into every area of study on Rylencia. They have grown board of their worldly knowledge and have turned towards the stars, Many being Astronomers or Astrologers. The Saurians tend to not take mates. Only mating when the females go into heat. The Saurians are very Obsessed with both, reading the sky, to determine patterns in the Universe, and reading the stars to predict the future. They get along well with all the other races on Rylencia, save the Sha-ka'dir who hunt them because they believe the Saurians bones of of great Magical potential. Many Saurians can be found through out the world. Exploring the Sky and Searching for Evidence from the solar system on Rylencia.

Racial traits – Excellent Fortune Tellers, many having Innate Abilities to tell the future in different ways. The have touch skin, giving them some natural armor. Know how to Work Meteorite Metal into very Strong, Magical Weapons. The Saurians Vary greatly so individuals May have a unique Ability. (spikes, Clubbed tail, Horns, etc.)

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