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1 Sha-Kah'Dir on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:20 am


Race – Sha-ka'dir

Favored element - Divine

Lifespan – 150-200 years

Size – 6 ½ – 7 ½ feet

Appearance – Tall Dark Skinned people, there skin is a pale grey at birth and turns to black as they age. There skin is pulled taunt over there bones and the whole race appears emaciated. The have long Dreaded hair, and the Priests Often have there head shaved with runes tattooed on it. They have two long horns protruding our of the base of the skulls that stretch down there backs and curve out, growing longer as they age. As a people they favor white Tribal tattoos covering there bodies. There legs are Digigrade, Bending the Opposite way as humans which allows them to run and jump much faster then Most others. They often wear little clothing, and much Elaborate Jewelery.

Habitat – The Jungle Crater in the middle of Zaladria

Capitol – Tla-ka'dir

Personality – the Sha-ka'dir are a tribal people who will do anything for one of there own blood. They follow many, many Gods. People often devoting themselves to one in particular. They do many rituals and ceremonies to Appease there gods. They Practice a VooDoo sort of Magic, Using The bones and ashes, and other objects from there Ancestors as well as other creatures to cast there spells. They believe great power is held in ancestry and often imbibe parts of there relatives after they die to absorb there power. The Ska-ka'dir take mates by arranged Marriage, the Parents of a young girl choosing a man for her to bare children to and spend her life with. They tend to be unfriendly with outsiders in there Jungle but People often Venture out to explore the world.

Racial traits – There legs allow them to run and jump faster then any of the other races. They Can invoke their Ancestors through Rituals and Spells allowing them to use their power. They Are Amazing Jewelry Craftsman and make the Finest Gold and Magical Jewelry in all of Rylencia. They have Quick Reflexes Allowing them to dart around and nearly miss obstacles quickly.

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