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1 Equillre.. on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:15 am


Race – Equillre

Favored element - Order

Lifespan – 45 – 60 years

Size – 5 – 7 feet

Appearance – Hoofed Creatures with Dijigrade Legs. Their bodys are Covered in natural Colored Fur in many patterns. They have Long faces and Long Tails, Either Whippy or covered in Long hair. Many have Manes that flow from the top of there heads and down there long necks. Some Also have Horns or Antlers, Usually one or two, Straight or Curved, Or Branching off into many setions on the tops of there heads.

Habitat – Live on the wide open plain of Zaladria

Capitol – Dak Fle

Personality – The Equillre Are Mostly Hunters and Gathers Roaming the plain all year. They are a Peaceful People that live on the the grass lands. They believe everything in nature has energy, and will let nothing go to waste. They often partake in many Mind Altering and Hallucinatory Drugs for the sake of Spiritual Enlightenment. They travel in Small herds usually between 10 and 30 Equillre in a heard, they have a lose Hierarchy system the Alpha Stallion, or Mare leading the rest of the herd. They mate For only a Year or two at a time, Long enough to bare a child and begin raising it. After that point the two decide to move on from each other or stay together. They are open to Interacting with other people. But are wary of outsiders. No respecting those who do not treat the land the way they think it deserves.

Racial traits – Quick To get them selves Out of trouble, they are very fast and have an innate sense of when Danger is coming. Excellent Leather workers, Able to make Very Resilient and Beautiful Leather Armors and other crafts. They are Very Adaptable, quick to fit them selves in with a new Environment. They have great Stamina, they can run for long distances and not tire.

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