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1 Rakaphit.. on Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:03 am


Race – Rakaphit

Favored element - water

Lifespan – 35 – 60 years

Size – 3 – 5 feet

Appearance – Covered in Fur, usually white, brown, tan, gray, or black. They have short Muscular legs. And large lower bodies. Their upper bodies are more lean. They have long pointed Faces with Large whiskers, and round ears. Rakaphit also have Think rat like tails usually as long as they are tall. They are general seen wear ragged weather worn cloths. No particular style as these rat like creatures generally pick up clothing from where every they like.

Habitat – The largest Concentrates of Rakaphit are found living on the Ocean, especially to the south of Zaladrin

Capitol – Palendrik,

Personality – The Rakaphit are a rather nasty group of people, Usually Lending there lives to Pirating, or petty crime. The often Mate with there Partner in Crime, and baring a little or 3 – 7 which they raise together. Teaching them how to Cheat and steal from a very young age. Te Rakaphit Watch out for them selves and those closest to them. Not having any Particular care towards others of there race. They often Become pirates, Fleets of Rakaphit can be found sailing along the coasts. Stopping only to get supplies and Pillage small coastal Towns. Or to have Battle On the sea with other Pirates.

Racial traits – They are Quick with there hands and able to do small things such as Stealing thing, Picking Locks and getting up ropes easily. They are Contortionists, allowing there bodies to Fit in places they appear to not be able o fit. At home On the sea. Excellent Swimmers, and can hold there breath for long periods of time. Resilient While they can carry and spread Diseases they notice few effects from them.

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